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Moonlight (I) (2016)
Ready....Set....But NO GO!
5 March 2017
Best way to describe this movie, was, "Get on your mark...get ready...get set........." but no one said, "GO." Basically, great build up, but never took off. I'm black, and yes, I'm not ashamed to admit that I support my people doing great things such as winning Oscars, but this movie was NOT worthy. It was the GAY AGENDA that won the Oscar. Nothing against the LGBT community; but why must everyone portray gay roles to win Oscars? Hillary Swank...Sean Penn...Phillip Seymour Hoffman....Jared Ledo, etc. ALL Oscar winners for portraying homosexuals, and that's not right! People are whining over black and white, but it's not race that Hollywood caters to. It's homosexuality they cater to. That's like me eating steak, but my best friend is a vegan. Even though my vegan friend doesn't eat meat, I RESPECT that, and love my friend regardless. I don't shove my steak in my vegan friend's face, FORCING him/her to eat it. But that's the best way I can describe Hollywood and the fact that they force homosexuality in the faces of people who are not homosexuals. Hell, I can love and respect a gay friend; but understand, I'm NOT GAY, and I shouldn't be seen as a bigot because I don't give you an award. And Mahershala Ali winning for Best Supporting Actor??? WTF? Nothing against him, but he's seen in this movie all of 20 minutes! If anything, I would've given the award to the woman who played the crack head mom! Or Janelle Monae. At least they were seen throughout the movie. But Ali's performance was nothing different from what an extra would do. Not Oscar worthy at all. Again, I love to see my people excel, but don't give us undeserved awards just to pacify us! Moonlight was a bad PBS movie in my opinion. Not Oscar worthy.
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Obsessed (2009)
Just Dumb!
20 October 2010
Anybody remember the scene where "Sharon" calls Jerry O'Connell's character in the middle of the night asking for "Derek?" She soon finds out that there was an "accident" and Derek is at the hospital. (Now, for all you Beyonce fans, let me say that obviously, Beyonce's character was TOLD what hospital Derek was in, because in the next scene, she arrives there.) Now, the part I thought was really dumb, was; let's say I find out my husband is at a hospital. The first thing I'm doing is jumping up, throwing on the first pair of jeans I can get my hands on; forget about bras, panties, etc. Forget about my overall appearance! I'm on the first thing smoking to get to my loved one who I'm concerned about. Instead, we see Beyonce in pajamas in one scene, and in the next, she arrives at the hospital, hair and make-up done; nice outfit, matching coat; matching purse and high heel shoes, etc. Seriously, who thinks of getting all dolled up to rush to the hospital in the middle of the night after learning their spouse was involved in an "incident" and in the hospital? True, she didn't know exactly what happened, but the words, "accident and hospital" should be enough to warrant a panic, and NOT promote looking glamorous! If that wasn't enough, we got to see her cooking in high heels. I mean, come on! Beyonce will never master the art of acting if she can't allow herself to be seen in a plain light. Always having to be spruced up looking like a porcelain doll even when the scene doesn't call for it is certainly no way to become Oscar worthy.
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Judge Joe Brown (1997– )
Addressing The Original Post
20 September 2010
Um, Judge Joe Brown's slogan for men and women of ANY COLOR has been, "I'm protecting womanhood, and promoting manhood." He says nothing about wanting only BLACK people to raise their children properly, etc. That might be what the idiot poster sees this show as, but that's not what Judge Brown says. I've seen ignorant people of all races on this show. Sure, there may be more blacks on the show than whites; but unless there is no such thing as unruly white people; it is NOT fair to say that the judge only addresses black people with regards to how to raise boys to men, and how to raise girls, etc. I think after the judge promotes manhood and protects womanhood, he should teach common sense to ignorant people who tend to see what they want to see, and then post their assumptions online as facts.
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My Take
14 August 2007
I thought the movie was excellent! I didn't really care for the 1978 original. Sorry! This 2004 remake was full of action, surprises, and a bit of humor here and there. The only part that I found to be really stupid was where Sarah Polley's character, Anna, SAW what happened to her husband, but said absolutely nothing to the rest of the gang about it until the next day or two. How dumb? It wasn't difficult to figure out. She saw the condition of "Vivian" the little girl who lived on her street, and she saw what Vivian did to her husband, Louis. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that he died and then "came back" due to the bite from the little girl. I just didn't like the way they had Anna so closed-mouth and clueless about how the "sickness" spreads until darn near the end. Also, it would have been a nice touch for them to go a little in depth about HOW the "Zombie-Virus" started. Other than that, I enjoyed the movie and I've watched it at least a million times!
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New York Undercover (1994–1999)
Complete Disaster!
14 February 2007
I thought this show was very good. When I saw the first season, I was somewhat iffy about where it was going. The next season they added the beautiful Lauren Velez, and I think it was then that the show took off. I became a New York Undercover addict! I even enjoyed the episodes in which they brought in Detective Macnamara, played by Jonathan LaPaglia. The next thing I know, New York Undercover just went down hill due to the killing off of the characters Torres and Macnamara. I thought for sure that the season after Macnamara was introduced, that it would get better just as the show always seemed to do at the start of every new season. Well, Mr. Wolf handed fans a HUGE disappointment. I agree with the person who stated that this show could have survived at least two or three more seasons had they kept the Eddie Torres character. Dick Wolf should have seen disaster on the rise. Viewers were used to seeing Torres and Williams. You can't kill off one of the lead characters and expect to have a chance at good ratings. Not only did they kill off Torres and Macnamara, but they killed the spirit of the show. Tommy Ford as Lt. Barker looked more like a pimp than a cop. And who were these other rejects? Even Lt. Cooper left the show. I think fans only watched the very FIRST episode of the last season because they wanted to know if in fact Torres' character was really dead. Once they found out, that was it. Dick Wolf has learned his lesson I'm sure. When you've got a good thing, keep it the way it is. Nobody likes drastic changes to something that they're used to. He's learning that with Law & Order.
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House of Payne (2006– )
To Joanne
30 December 2006
Well, had you seen Tyler Perry's interview regarding this sitcom, you would have seen where he is not trying to create another "Friends" sitcom. He's merely bringing CLEAN back into our homes. Every other show on regular TV has too much sex, violence and drug usage, whereas our children are limited to Nickelodeon and video games all day long. The Cosby Show wasn't my idea of knee slapping funny either, BUT, it was a show for the FAMILY to watch. Meaning that it was for children as well, and children will find funny what we do not. I applaud Mr. Perry's effort in bringing "clean" into our homes. It's also a lesson learner. "Hey kids, this is what happens when you do drugs..." and so on. Nothing wrong with that. I'll continue to support this show, while everyone else is busy watching Eva Langoria being a sleaze ball on Desperate Housewives.
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18 December 2006
Well, when I first saw this movie, as low budget as it was, it scared the heck out of me! I had to spend the night at a friend's house because I was so scared. After a few days, I started having dreams about it. Mainly because I was convinced that the movie was real. According to the previews, this was supposed to be actual footage from the "documentary" these "students" were filming. It wasn't until weeks after I saw this film that I found out it was just another scary movie. I think that's why they did it this way. When you know something is fake, you won't scare so easily, but when you're convinced it's true or based on a true event, that's when it becomes terrifying.
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World Trade Center
11 August 2006
Well, I just came back from seeing this movie, and all I can say about it is that it's great, and worth seeing. Nicholas Cage & Michael Pena were excellent. It bought tears to the eyes of many, including mine. I hope Hollywood doesn't try to get rich by continuing to make endless movies about this tragedy. I think one is enough. The other movie that they made about Flight 93 was good also, but if I had to pick between the two, I would say this one was better. I only saw and heard what went on during 9/11 on the news, but this movie took you there to experience what it was like on that fateful day. I can see Cage being nominated for his role. He did a great job. I urge everyone to see it this movie.
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Blind Faith (1998)
5 July 2006
Well, I don't get why some would thing that the reason why this movie did not make it to the big screen is because of "bad actors." The MAIN CHARACTERS were also WELL KNOWN black actors who have been in SEVERAL movies which were on the big screen. Now why would someone continue to work with so called bad actors? Hmmm, I get must have been those "extras" in the movie that no one had ever heard of. Such as the welfare-ish white woman who shunned Courtney Vance's characters while on her porch. I admit....she was NOT a believable racist. Or, maybe it was the white guys with the lame and heavy New York accent who were on the witness stand? Maybe??? Or it could have been the prison guards who made death by electric chair seem like a joyous event?
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Weakest Link (2001–2003)
The Biggest Threat!!!
29 November 2004
The name of this game should be called 'The Biggest Threat' because that's who they seem to vote off once it comes down to the final 3-4 people. I can't tell you how many times I've yelled out in rage because the dummies gang up on the smart person to vote them off. Part of the fun is the voting, but it's really not fair to someone who is considered the STRONGEST LINK to be kicked off. I think they should have set it up where they follow the statistics rather then have the contestants be dishonest and greedy. Also, it's nerve wrecking when the idiots reach $25,000 to $50,000 and don't say the word BANK!!! They also had way too many celebrities playing for charity. I saw more celebrities than I did regular, everyday people. Ann Robinson was a tremendous hostess, and I often wondered if some of her brash comments (said in a joking fashion) were really sincere.
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