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This list constitutes some of my favourite movies, as well a roster of films that I believe have said something explicit and insightful about gay sex and/or queer identity. To that end, many older films that had to deal with such subjects tacitly have not been included.

The list progresses in no real, or definitive order.

I'm a gay man, so I must own that most of the films deal with man on man relationships, although I believe that the films that I've included that deal with lesbian sexuality are some of the best on the list.

There will no doubt be many that disagree with the contents of this list - although it is nothing more than the subjective meandering of a gay brain, obsessed with cinema.

Many European/foreign language films of note have no doubt been omitted.

Lastly, I would have liked to include at least one film by Bruce LaBruce (Hustler White), but was unable to include any as his oeuvre is not available in IMDB's list-making facility.

Here is my list:
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