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Zootopia (2016)
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One of the best!, 4 June 2016

Wow, it's still in my mind, i can't shake it, I've seen a true masterpiece! Tiny bits of tears in my eyes at the end, can't hold the thought that I had the privilege to see one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. The charismatic development of the characters, the excellent screenplay, the beautiful art work, all of those wonderful qualities of the movie, that bring to my eyes 108 minutes of epic leisure time! The whole concept of this movie, the people who wrote it and imagine it in their minds, only geniuses come up with those kind of movies. Just like in Avatar, i never blinked, hope not to miss anything, and i was hooked, i rubbed my eyes several times, asking myself, was this movie was filmed in real life? cause the graphical artwork is amazing!! I had one word to say in the end: MASTERPIECE!

You must see this movie, you can't allow yourself not to see it!

And, be sure to stick to the end (LOL)

I wish for Zootopia 2, they had the perfect setting for it...

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Worst movie of all times!, 30 April 2013

yeah, i saw it! don't know why, the first 4 films weren't good either. but i thought that this title will be better. well, i was wrong, by all means! this movie made me feel so bad with myself, and i was literally "Grossed" out of myself, so i didn't want to see, nor talk with anyone. for days i wondered why this movie was ever made, disgusting jokes, no plot, bad acting, bad scene sequences over the entire movie, with no progress what so ever! really, the actors in the end thought to themselves, "why are we doing this?". I WILL NOT recommend ANYONE to SEE this movie, and if you saw it, I'm sorry i didn't review this earlier. the human race deserves better movies! bye