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Beautiful and awesome
13 May 2013
Probably my favourite out of this year's Sci-Fi London's anime all-nighter. A beautifully made film, with absolutely stunning action scenes that will take your breath away.

Various buildings have been bombed in capital cities across the world, and the cyborgs have gathered with their creator to find out who the mysterious "His Voice" is behind it.

The story itself is a simple spy plot, with unexpected character twists. The Cyborgs are as human as anyone and demand your affection for their faults, falibilities and heroics.

Besides being a joy to look at, the characters are realistic, funny and very likable. You care about who is still standing at the very climatic, scenic finish, involving stupendous ariel shots of the cities and then the earth.

The ending had a rather odd message but was a through delight. I will be buying this ASAP.
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