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just a few ideas of who could play characters in a batman movie, its not a perfect cast just people i think would be good for certain roles.
a list of 10 titles
Radom list of films i love that alot of people i know havent seen or heard of
a list of 7 titles
a list of films i was looking forward to and just really left me feeling disapointed
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A list i complied of who i think could or shold play the members of the Sinister six in a spider man film
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this is a list of films that critically are terrible or get a bad rep online but i enjoy time and time again
a list of 7 titles
does what it says on the tin, my humble opinion of films that are better then the original
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a list of people im shocked didnt become major stars. when i say major stars i mean people know them but they coulda woulda shoulda been bigger then they were
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as above, this is a list of people i think would make bond villains
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This is a group of films i gre up watching and i just believe all kids should see. i own them and almost consider them a 'SET' that i cant wait to introduce my kids to when i have them.
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a list of films that are by far not well liked, but i enjoy
this is part one, may return with more
a list of 10 titles
this is a list of films people rave about but i thought were crap