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"Norby" (1955)
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Not black and white; but color, 25 November 2004

The TV sitcom show, "Norby," was not filmed in black and white. Rather, it was actually filmed in color. The sponsor of the show was KODAK and thus, KODAK filmed the show in color making it one of, if not THE, first sitcom to be filmed in color. However, due to the fact that most TVs were still black and white most people received the show into their homes in black and white, having no idea that the filming was actually done in color by the KODAK Company. The majority of the viewers had no idea that the sitcom, "Norby" was actually filmed it color. "Norby" didn't last very long and so it was off the air by the time that the "Tonight Show" began to be received in "living color" into the homes of millions of viewers.