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Sidekick (2005)
Plagiarism is the word not HERO
13 February 2013
The main story had been stolen from Robert Townsend's The Meteor Man and ended with a reverse Scrooge tactic, where Rowan Atkinson has already done it in his spoofs - Black Adder.

Too shame a Canadian studio would do such a degradable act as a movie that had complete been plagiarized to just make money out of it.

The acting is worse than the directing. You don't have to show all your colours just to make a point where the receptionist does it over and over again in her overacting: face expression is important but exaggerating is really annoying and disgusting especially near the subway station. As per directing a movie is concerned fella just keep your day job - period. If you had quit it to do this then some mental hospice might do wonders buddy.
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See the Man Run (1971 TV Movie)
See the Man Run
28 July 2005
I saw this movie in 1981 on a rerun. I wish some station like MPIX or even Disney or A&E network would show this movie again. The twists and turns in this movie, I can remember like just yesterday I saw it, make me go nuts. When the unemployed actor thought that his girl was trying to cheat him with the ransom they had collected from the kidnappers, I don't want to give the ending here but . . . I saw this movie in Ceylon in 1981 twice. PLEASE HELP ME SEE THIS MOVIE AGAIN OR BUY THE DVD OR VHS. It took me about 24 years to finally get some info about this movie on IMDb database (the best) system. Since this is a TV-Movie some station must come forward to help people like me.
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