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Who says all bad bikers ride choppers?, 5 October 2005

I agree that this flick barely warrants removing it from the reel canister, but nowadays we have videotape and DVDs. I picked this one up to add to my collection of "biker" films and it fits the bill. The main focus of the movie is motorcycle riding rebels who just want to tear up the town (or in this case, movie set). The interesting thing is that they aren't riding the typical choppers and wearing cut-off denim jackets. No, it's dirt bikes, helmets and leather pants for these guys. Typical plot, typical amateur acting and typical 70's cinematography. But, a film that biker film addicts will enjoy. Watch for the two character actors you have seen a hundred times before.

Fantasy perhaps?...perhaps not., 30 December 2004

The premise of this movie intrigued me. A man born on an ocean going vessel who lived there all his life? And became a piano virtuoso as well? A bit far fetched, but worth investigating. Tim Roth's character (1900) is enough to keep your interest alone, but the setting of a luxury cruise ship and the early jazz era time period only intensify it. While no scene is without merit, there are several which will move you or make you stand still, as with the Jelly Roll Morton sequence. I am only sorry that this movie came out about the time of "Titanic" as it would have taken a few of the awards that year itself. When watching this movie, keep in mind that legends are only that if they are bigger than life and there is no one around to verify the facts.