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Definitely needs a redo

-the Franz Oberhauser character would be different; he's a very public figure, a billionaire and philanthropist backing Nine-Eyes.

-recast Léa Seydoux, who was rubbish

-downsizing the "C" Character into an unknowing pawn.

-the Lucia Sciarra character have a bigger role to play in Spectre.

-a cameo from the Mr. White character, whom is incarcerated, not hiding or dying.

-furthermore, Mr. White and Quantum are not apart of SPECTRE.

-SPECTRE is a lot older, and have ties to both Oberhauser's and Bond's family.

-Mr. Hinx would have actual dialogue and more of a personalty
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When one of her operative goes rogue, Amanda Waller ensemble a team of dangerous incarcerated criminals ranging from assassins to thieves to terrorists. With the mission of tracking down and eliminate the rogue agent.
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streaming right from the assh*le of humanity
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maybe it's time to regroup and build this "shared universe" from the ground up.
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My bible for the series

-at points, Bruce Wayne will uncover and in disguise with the cover name being Matches Malone.

-Bruce Wayne's Love Interests; similar to the Bond Girls of the 007 franchise
-Batman Rogue Gallery; also taking from the James Bond series, they kinda like the "SPECTRE" of the Batman series, story-telling wise.
-Bruce Wayne's Mentors; the ones who trained Bruce Wayne during his years aboard.
-League of Assassins; Two factions had emerged from Ra's al Ghul's empire, one led by his daughter, Talia, and a renegade one led by Dr. Darrk.
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Okay, more then half of the movies from the 80s, big deal. The 80s was the horror genre's peak.
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For years now, Bruce Wayne as his superhero alter-ego Batman, had established himself as Gotham's protector. In the years, facing a wide range of enemies; however there is a new villain operating in the shadows. Intent on sabotaging Batman from afar, and for Bruce to discover that it's a threat much closer than he realized.
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Since the age of six, the Bundy triplets wanted to have normal lives, just like other children their age. Every Halloween, the three brothers ventured from door to door in their neighborhood asking for candy; they only found disappointment. The neighbors, judgmental of the brothers' lowlife alcoholic parents, ostracized and ignored them.

After years of being treated like strangers in their own neighborhood, the triplets, now seventeen, decided not to take the abuse any longer. They would execute vengeance on those that had wronged them on the day of the year which they had come to hate the most: Halloween.

There is no more Trick or Treat.

Now, it's escape or die.


Based on the concept album from VHS Glitch
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with a soundtrack done by Neon Vandal
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Sooner or later, this one going to get another adaptation, and considering that the Repairman Jack series, could be a major franchise. Here are my casting ideas for the Keep
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Don't split them into a two-parter or try to make a trilogy off one freaking novel, just make one 2-and-a-half-hour to 3-hour movie and no director's cut, super-duper extended edition, just enough.