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A puzzling, provocative experience you'll either hate or love--maybe both., 22 February 2007

OK so this is a totally confusing and at times bizarre experience. Of course I didn't understand it and can also understand why lots of people think the whole thing a disaster. Yet on several levels it has a wicked fascination. Forget the story, it's so illogical that trying to make sense of it is like trying to explain the fifth dimension. Viewed as a series of extraordinary images you just keep watching, as one tableau transforms into another. Viewed as a send up of Japanese opera it has its moments, likewise as a take on western musicals it hits some bulls eyes.

Frankly, it feels like something made by someone from another planet so why expect to understand it all? But you do, so just sit back and give in. If you like your films neat, packaged and with a clear story line, this is not it. On the other hand, I bet you'll talk about it quite a lot.