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"Outcasts" (2010)
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War on Terror, 9 March 2011

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I am really enjoying this show. It is original, well acted and well written (Altho I accept there has been the odd clunky line)It seems to me the main reason people are posting negative views is because despite being billed as a Sci Fi there are no aliens (yet) no ray guns or transporter beams. This is not what the show is about. I don't like doing analogy reviews but I think the writers are looking at the current 'War on Terror' How far do you go to safeguard your way of life. Liam Cunningham (playing The President of Carpathia) has done some terrible things +++++SPOILER ALERT++++++ including ordering the mass murder of the clone work force he has also condoned medical experiments/torture to condition them. But he still comes across as a good man trying to do the right thing in extreme conditions. This is the basis of the show, do you agree with him that the survival of the human race takes precedence over everything else or are some prices just too high to pay. It's heavy stuff and for that reason I doubt this show will get a second chance which is a real shame, but hey never mind there is always 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' to watch.

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Much more fun than I expected, 24 November 2004

I seem to remember this film was not very well received when it was released in Britain, some critics loved it, most didn't. After Lock Stock there was a sudden spate of 'mockney'gangster films and this, very unfairly, was lumped in with the also rans. Its actually a lot of fun, the cast is excellent, (Has Ray Winstone ever given a bad performance?) the script is funny, and the pace never flags. Special mention must be made of the karaoke scenes in which all the cast sing for real, everyone acquits themselves well with special mentions to Sean Pertwee and Johnny Lee Miller (singing one of my all time favourites 'Avenues and Alleyways') If you enjoy gangster films or are fans of any of the the cast then this is a must see movie.