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Brides (2004)
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Great movie!!!, 26 July 2005

I had the opportunity to see this last year at The Toronto Film Festival. It was definitely my favorite of the festival. The story is beautiful and a topic that has never been featured before in a movie. All these mail-order-brides from Greece, Turkey, Russia and other east-European countries on there way to the US to marry a man they only knew from a photograph. I love the romance-story between Norman Harris and Nikki Douka. The end is quite a surprise and it brought a tear to my eye. This is not a Hollywood block-buster with lots of special effects, but it is a real story about something that happened in Greek history almost a century ago. It is not only for Greek people but also for those who love a romantic love story unfolding in tragedy...

Keane (2004)
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Very moving!, 26 July 2005

I saw this movie last year at The Toronto International Filmfestival. Unfortunately in Europe we don't get to see many Indy-movies, but this was a rare opportunity for me to see an excellent one. It's the kind of movie that leaves a lump in your throat after wards! I was constantly wondering if this child that he lost at the bus-terminal was real or just a fragment of his imagination. Also when he takes care of another child while it's mother is gone for a few days, you start wondering if Keane is not going to hurt or kidnap this child! Most of the movie you really feel for this guy. Especially because the camera is so close on him all the time. It feels as if you're actually following him wherever he goes.

This movie looks very real; no special effects no beautiful make-up or costumes. The acting is what acting is all about; you don't see the actor but you see the character! It sometimes feels like your looking at a documentary. Real Oscar stuff! Keane is the kind of movie that touches you, even long after you have left the theater!