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Cyberchase is all the best of PBS, 24 June 2005

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I think all of those who have watched since PBS was begun have been affected by it at one time or another. Remember "Electric Company"? (I wonder if Morgan Freeman does?) Thank you PBS for continuing a fine tradition of intelligent, entertaining, and accurate shows for children. As a homeschooler, I have found PBS to be my favorite source of educational entertainment and all for free. My 6 year old is ASKING to learn more than just the basic math concepts. He's long past numbers and adding and now begging for lessons in addition, subtraction, fractions, and multiplication - even pre-algebra! OK enough bragging. Truly, his enjoyment of this show in particular shows how valuable PBS is as a tool to encourage children to want to learn and to love doing so.

Tooth (2004)
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a lovely, frothy, family movie, 26 May 2005

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No, it's not Oscar material, but who cares! It's fun, positive, non-violent (mostly) and for a small budget movie with little support, quite well done. My kids (4 & 6) loved it and it was one of the few kids movies I enjoyed as well. BIG PLUS - it's not animated!!! Too few good kids movies are made as it is, let's support this one and maybe, just maybe, a few less cartoonists will be employed this year and a few MORE writers will be. For those who gave it poor reviews, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but personally, I think you're judging it by too high a standard. Just as suspension of disbelief is a requirement for most movies now, shouldn't there be a suspension of snobbery as well, in particular for films aimed at children?