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Monster Mania (1997 TV Movie)
A must see for fans of "classic film monsters"
2 April 2006
I happen to own a copy of this on tape,and it's simply an awesome documentary. It's a retrospective on the history of "Classic film monsters" such as Dracula,Frankenstein,The Wolf Man,Dr.Jeykel and Mr.Hyde,and more It's hosted by Jack Palance,whom is perfectly cast for this collage of classic clips. His delivery of lines is creepy and campy,but is perfectly suited for this type of special.

The clips are divided into each decade,from Edison's version of"Frankenstein", thru the classic "Universal Monsters",the "low-brow,low-tech" monsters of the 50's,a salute to Hammer films and more.

So if you have a chance check it out.
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The Saga Continues...
17 December 2004
It's very rare when a sequel outshines the film that came before it,"The Empire Strikes Back" manages to do that in many ways. "Star Wars" always will be considered an all time classic,but "Empire" is a great follow up.

According to George Lucas,It's "Episode V" in his space opera. In my opinion it's the best in the series.

The characters are more fleshed out this time,and the plot is more complex and darker then the previous installment. The F/X is outstanding.

The film stands on it's own as a great cinematic achievement and should be recognized as more than a sequel,It's a continuation of great epic and all around excellent film.
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A timeless Sci-Fi Classic
24 November 2004
What can be said? It's A labor of love that made George Lucas, a household name. All time and effort Lucas,put forth to make this film payed off. It changed film making forever and introduced us to some very unforgettable film moments.

The plot is very simple. The Rebels have stolen plans to the evil Empire's secret weapon,Darth Vader is sent to find the plans.The Rebels must unite to destroy the weapon or the galaxy is doomed. The only hope for the Rebels is a young boy named Luke Skywaker whose true destany is later revealed. Like I said the plot is simple. The way the story is told though is wonderfully done,the special effects of course are fantastic, and the musical score is classic.

They just don't make films like this anymore.
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Wired (1989)
A real pile of trash
24 November 2004
This is one the worst pieces of garbage I have ever seen. Tasteless,vile and total piece of crap best describe this useless waste of time and effort.

The plot revolves around the lifestory of the late John Belushi. Belushi's corpse rises out a bodybag,eats a cheeseburger and is met by his guardian angel,together they walk through key events in his life.

The film goes downhill from there.

Belushi is portrayed as bullying slob of a junkie,the film is poorly cast and directed and the storyline is horrible.

Don't even waste your time renting it.
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