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Boring, 21 November 2011

If you're a big time fan of the books, you have probably hyped yourself up to a fevered expectation rendering you incapable of any objectivity. This film, of it's own merit, would have never made it to the theaters. In a word, it is very "boring"... unless your hyped, it bites! (pun intended). Many of the scenes were obvious fillers with terrible dialogue. The acting was so-so from most of the lead performers, with the sole exception being Billy Burke (Charlie), who appears to be a very good actor. About half way through the film I kept looking at my watch hoping the 117 minutes would be over soon.

I am being forced at this point to continue writing when in fact I have nothing more to say about this boring sequel of a film called Breaking Dawn. According to the rules ones' review must be at least 10 lines minimum. So what you're reading right now is the completely unnecessary and unpleasantly annoying filler, mandated by IMDb.

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Beyond Crap!!!, 25 October 2006

This movie is one of the most God awful flicks ever put on film. Jack Black has completely proved he has no talent for comedy, or anything even remotely related to laughter. He should be working somewhere as a janitor, and this film should be taken out with the garbage. It was actually painful to watch this film. Honestly, this film should be added to the top ten worse films of all time. What should be a 3 minute skit has been hacked into a full length, beyond stupid bore. You keep waiting for the comedy to begin, but it doesn't happen. The acting is terrible, the storyline is weak and the humor isn't funny.

I have never seen a comedy with Jack Black in it that was funny. It's just the same boring crap with this guy. I did see his performance in Kong as a possible ray of light wherein he played a very serious role. I'm not saying he can act, but I would need to see more of him in these roles. I will never watch another Jack Black wannabe comedy again.

And to the producers, writers and director... what were you smoking? What were you thinking? This movie wasn't released, it escaped. Don't watch your money or time. "Attack of the killer Tomatoes" was actually a better film than Nacho "Stinko".

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Freemasonry, Illuminati, NWO, 20 November 2004

National Treasure touches upon a very real and sensitive subject known as Freemasonry. Because of this, many bogus bad reviews will be written in an attempt to undermine this film's forbidden disclosure of the secret organization known as the Masons. One thing they did not touch upon (for obvious reasons) was the Masons affiliation to the Illuminati. If this all sounds like conspiracy, that's because it is a conspiracy. Few who are focused upon current events would argue that we are rapidly moving towards the final commencement of a one world gov't which is commonly referred to as the NWO (New World Order). The ruling class elite of the "33 degree" freemasonry is called the "Illuminati", and they are the driving force behind this diabolical push toward a NWO. They will either implement the NWO or destroy the planet in their effort to achieve it.

The film is not based upon fantasy, I personally know many Freemasons and was shocked to find out many of our ex-presidents and founding fathers were Masons. The plot is well thought out, the acting is very good and I rate this movie 10 for 10. After seeing the movie I highly recommend one seek out all available information concerning freemasons and The Federal Reserve System, you won't believe what you'll learn.