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Beware NEW DVD 2005, heavily edited!
6 September 2005
I just was dumb struck when I received "It Happened at Nightmare Inn" on DVD, it was packaged as a double feature with "Legacy of Blood". This IS NOT the theatrical version, it is in fact ONLY 67 minutes long!! The distribution company on this one is a bunch of liars and crooks, I do not believe in selling product that advertises something which is not true. The running time for both features is listed in total of 3 hours and 30 minutes. If "It Happened at Nightmare Inn" is only 67 minutes long, then that means that "Legacy of Blood" is close to 2 hours and 30 minutes (which in fact is not the case) Regardless, please do not waste your money or rental dollars on this version released under the title of a "Blood Soaked Cinema" release called "Back to the Grave" With the running time only being 67 minutes, then this must be the television version that played in a 90 minute time slot. It sucks!! There are scenes that just end, characters that just react to nothing, no blood, no anything! Entire scenes are missing and what is left is just talk! I can not even begin to mention how terrible the sound is on this, and they have the nerve to list Dolby 5.1 as an option..the sound is so terrible that I thought my speakers were going to burst! Can I say anything positive? No...the movie is unwatchable, the story is torn to pieces, it makes no sense, and PLEASE do not be suckered by this like I was.
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