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Is there any possible way to get this gem back on the air?
18 February 2011
Dear ABC, you have made a HUGE mistake axing this show. It was funny, believable, witty and overall enjoyable. I don't see why people compare it to the movie, there's nothing in common with it except for the characters names and slight mannerisms. As for everything else, it's incomparable. Frankly, the show did a great job in enriching the characters. Kat is more intense and funny, Patrick is mysterious and charming, Bianca is not as shallow, she's actually sometimes more levelheaded than Kat. Cameron, is cuter and funnier. And the rest of the cast is just as brilliant. The screenplay is modern and bold. I really applaud the writing crew, as they did an excellent job in weaving together a well-fit, clean and smart comedy.

It's unlike the rest of the current teen shows out there. So why on earth did it get canceled? If the ratings were low, then this proves that our contemporary youth don't appreciate smart comedies and prefer, tacky, aimless ones, like Secret Life, or 90210 Beverly Hills. I pity them, really! I'm in my late 20s, and I can assure you, it's a show for all age groups. So if you're bored and in need of something intelligent and funny to watch, pick it up. You will not regret it! I URGE TV execs out there to give this show another chance. It has potential.
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Friday Night Lights (2006–2011)
TV at its best!
19 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is by far the best TV show in the history of television. Why? because it has football, pretty high school kids, and perfect family drama!

I gotta say I'm no football fan but this show isn't all about football as some people may think, nope! it's much more than that!

*probably there are little spoilers*

For once in the history of television you see a normal family, consisting of a struggling, tough, yet modest coach, his lovely supporting wife but sometimes disagrees with her husband's actions like any real life wife does, and then there's a lovely cute daughter that falls for one of his players but of course, because she's the coach's only daughter you see how protective of her he is, we rarely see that on TV, these days all girls on TV are nonconservative and have no parental supervision whatsoever! but here there is and it's so realistic, that it makes you proud you're actually watching it on TV.

The coach and his wife have the best on screen chemistry I've ever seen, they quarrel, they laugh, they talk exactly like in real life , they don't sugar coat one another's words, they're just normal, and the last time I checked this is quality television.

Then the players or the young generation, yes, they're young struggling actors but as far as their acting goes so far they're really good! I've seen them in interviews and such and you'd be amazed by how those kids are so unlike their characters, or if so they're very believable.

You'll find hope, faith, and struggling for what they believe in and in one another, portrayed in the most realistic way possible. Their stories, life problems, love issues for the most are pretty well done that you could relate to in real life. And they're not portrayed as glamorous, commercial like other TV shows. This is probably why this show isn't well recognized.

Last but not least, the music is perfect, there's "Explosions in the sky", "Pearl Jam", "Whiskeytown". Just perfect good old choices.

Need I say more?

Give it a try and you surely won't be disappointed!
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