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I think it's a good one, but..., 22 July 2007

I couldn't say that I adore that series, "The War at home" is in Bulgaria only from 16th July 2007 (on "Nova Televizia", 22:00 o'clock, every day, without Sunday), but when I saw the first episode I liked it. The father is for me the most amusing person, he makes me laugh every time I see him. He has something in his way to talk that is a bit unnatural, and it creates the biggest part of his charm. The mother is too easy-going, I think, and it is not so normal for a woman that has children. And the children are very funny, like all the teenage guys. That series are different from some other "family adventures" described in "Married with children" for example. The atmosphere is different, and but laughing is the same!

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:)The nicest movie of the Year:), 14 July 2006

I saw the movie yesterday, with my best friend, in Plovdiv.There were a lot of people, I couldn't quote an exact number, but it is really rare to see so many people in cinema:). I liked it!Everybody did:).The story is amusing and the effects are brilliant:).Johnny Depp is very funny, he is playing very well, as always.Orlando Bloom seems to be very "inspired" by his role:).Keira Knightley is as beautiful as in Part One. I recommend that film to all.You will adore it, I am sure:).Summer and adventure are synonyms to me, that's why I think that the premiere time is perfectly chosen:).I am sure that that film will receive a lot of awards, on all festivals...

Click (2006)
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Wow!, 6 July 2006

I think that one of the best movies of the Year!:)The story is brilliant, amusing and the actors are very funny:).I am sure that the creators of that beautiful film wanted to tell us that life is wonderful when we live it in all its "parts"...Everything in life is beautiful, and everything in life has to be "lived":).That's the main idea for me, and I am convinced that this is the "succesful" way to make your existence the nicest feeling...I recommend it to all persons who feel bad, it will help you, be sure!:)So - watch it, you will like it...It's one of the chefs-d'oeuvre of the 2006:)(I repeat myself, because it is worth seeing).

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Wow!:), 18 June 2006

This is the greatest production of all time, I really adore that episodes showing the simple and so strange life of contemporary persons...You can find everything from your own life in them, that probably why that show is so loved, so interesting.I am really glad that the most famous animation family in the world is already in Bulgaria.I had seen few episodes on a German television, but now, when I can see them in Bulgarian, I feel the sympathy of the heroes in a stronger way, and that's important:).Now I want to make a collection of "things" that are "connected" with that family... I highly recommend that movie!:)

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Great production, I loved it fast!!!, 17 June 2006

In fact, it is not a Bulgarian production...:( As far as I know the scripts of the episodes are French...And it is really strange, probably, to make two Bulgarian actors play in a French way.But everything is very amusing, the situations are UNIQUE.:)Stefanya Koleva is maybe the most successful young actress at the moment in Bulgaria.We love her, and she loves us:).Julian Vergov is a very interesting person.He plays in a ordinary way, but despite all, there is a kind of magic in all he do.I know you - my lovely readers - if you are not Bulgarian, you won't probably see never that production, I just wanted to tell to the world that in Bulgaria, there are a lot of gifted actors!:)

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Well done!!!:))), 16 June 2006

I have just seen the movie, and I could say now that it is a good one!:)I really liked the way of playing of the actors, and the special kind of "fear" that fills the film and that makes it very very very interesting.From the beginning to the end, I was afraid, it's true, but after the final retorts I felt in a strange way: probably, I became stronger...I think it is one of the objectives of the movie - to make us stronger and to make us believe in the "happy end"...Yes - it's true, people must understand that there aren't impossible missions...But everything depends on us, if we have the power and the beauty of faith (in us and in the persons that we love), the end will be happy...

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A good movie!:), 20 May 2006

I think that it is a very good movie.Not as good as the book, probably, but it's normal!:)The actors are very "sympa" (in french:) ), and look almost exactly in the way that they are described in the Dan Brown's bestseller. But I realized that a lot of interesting things are not exposed in the film.A lot of explanations are missing, and for a person that hasn't read the book, it's "a bit" difficult to understand what is happening, in fact.I believe that it is one the most strong reasons of "not liking" the movie. But despite all, it is a good work, and we should estimate its beauty!:)Here in Plovdiv, a lot of persons who saw the movie yesterday, think that it is a brilliant pearl of the contemporary cinema!:)

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I don't like violence!, 1 August 2005

I really think that this film is not so good:((.I didn't like it.I think it don't bring me good feelings: it scares me, and makes me think of stupid things... I am not sure that Hell looks exactly like that "place" is described in the movie.Hell is everything you don't like or support.I really don't think it's a place.It's a circle of scary feelings that make us less sure of ourselves.And it tortures us in that way and start feeling a real bad pain.I think like that, it could be different, who knows??

But don't see the movie, it's nothing but a repulsive film, filled with bad scenes of violence.

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Great film for ... everybody:))), 1 August 2005

When I was a very little boy, I saw that movie on The Bulgarian National Television and I really fell in love with it:)). It was a kind of magic that took my heart to eternity and from there it saw all the world in a very amusing way:)). I will probably never forget the first time I saw that movie...I really hope that everybody will continue watching it and it won't be among the forgotten movies... If you're very very young and you haven't seen it yet, then see it, you will feel the greatest force of the white magic:)))).

Judy Garland is THE PERFECT DOROTHY!!!:)))

See it, OK??:)))))

Pocahontas (1995)
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Great animation, I adore it:))), 20 July 2005

I think that that's one of the greatest animations made by Desney...

That love, so impossible at the time, between an Indian woman and an English man, is described in a very beautiful way...

I really adore it!!!If you've not seen it, see it, you will understand a lot of new things about life.

My sister loves too very much this movie, I think that every girl would love it, because it's, we could say it, a film about the woman heart.

I felt (I just thought it, without knowing why) that their separation was just a new beginning, and that their love became stronger:))).

Just see it:)))

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