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A Goregound Delight, one of the best ever, 9 January 2017

Just watched "Night of Something Strange (2016)", and it is one of the best, without a doubt, gorehound delights I have seen.

It has it all, std infected zombies, that don't even die shooting them in the head, you have to destroy their penises or vaginas to do the job.

This extreme, very extreme and extremely funny, over the line gore and bloody extravaganzas will make you cream your jeans, it is that good.

For gorehounds, this is absolutely a must see, you will not be sorry.

my rating, very rare, is 9/10

Don't miss this one, it deserves you gorehound's attention, asap.

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Excellent Old School Horror, 4 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just loved this black and white horror winner, just over an hour long. This may include some spoilers, but nothing that would ruin the movie in any way.

Three couples get together for a dinner in a remote house, and start arguing kind of making you not care about any of them.

But, out of the blue, an old guy pounds on the front door, interrupting their rather boring dinner, all bloody and his last words are "Never Open the Door", which freaks out everybody.

As He comes through the door He pukes up some blood on one of the ladies, and everything goes to Hell from there. Chaos takes over, nobody trusts anybody, and on top of that, their's some weird people or whatever they are, right outside the home.

Soon, everything that seemed pretty normal, goes almost into the Sci-Fi zone, as nothing is as it seemed before.

I loved the conclusion, which reminded Me of several movies, and nothing You've seen before, either happened, or is happening again but in a different dimension which is not exactly clear. Nevertheless, this is classic horror, with a touch of sci-fi mixed, and all in just over an hour.

I found it very entertaining, and even worth multiple viewings, and being filmed in B&W was an added element, which fitted this movie very very well. Check it out, definitely worth the 65 minutes running time.

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It's the Gore, nothing more, nothing less, GORE, 2 January 2017

Tonight's viewing pleasure the extremely gory "Cryptic Plasm" only recommended for the hardcore gorehounds. Brian Paulin certainly has his hands around making the goriest of the gory.

Not much story, if fact, I have no idea what the plot or story was, but who cares about such things, with pure gore films. I never have at least.

This was very well done, with amazing practical effects. Gorehounds, unite, this is a winner.

I would give it a strong 8/10 for the gore effects alone.

It's hard to imagine what Paulin has in store next, but this is what I call a gorehounds delight.

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Baby Boomers, this is a love letter to Us, 19 May 2013

just finished up watching this growing up in the sixties, and rock and roll movie. for the earliest of the Baby Boomers, this is the movie for you, and the music will rock your soul. A teenage band, with inspirations maybe a little too optimistic. With a top notch cast, and great story telling, this was indeed entertaining and very realistic, since I was in a little band back then too. James Gandolfini is great as a pretty typical sixties Father, coping with everyday problems and a pretty wacky Wife. The teenagers are very realistic, and you could tell it was written pretty much biographical. It works for me. Highly recommended especially to us Boomers.

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Amazing psychedelic neon trip through the mind..., 18 October 2010

France's Gaspar Noe (Irreversible, I Stand Alone), has delivered an incredible explosion of mind trips, neon, psychedelic strobing lights, amazing visual effects and photography that gives the viewer a voyeuristic trip through the channels of the brain. The story is basically a Brother and Sister that lost their parents in a tragic car wreck when they were children, and divided into different homes, but have rekindled their love for each other after many years. The Sister (Linda) is a stripper, and the Brother (Oscar) is a druggie and occasional drug dealer. After Linda leaves for work, Oscar decides to get stoned, but a friend calls him wanting him to bring him a stash. The nightlife of Tokyo is on display, with glittering everything and very bright flashing colors as we enter Oscar's mind for a trip after he gets shot. For most of the movie, Oscar appears to be watching over his Sister, or is this just what his fading brain cells are producing, kind of in a "Jacob's Ladder" way. Either way, the visuals produce a very trippy effect and make this a supreme stoner film. It's a movie of drugs, graphic sex, and a journey towards the creation of the very start of a life, following from inside the woman, receiving the sperm swimming towards the female egg, fertilizing it and, then the baby. Even though the story itself is kind of second to all the mind blowing visuals, it still anchors the movie to a point, that this is not just one big light show with dazzling visual effects. I believe the movie is concentrating on the circle of life, from beginning to end, and also showing the damaging effects of drugs as a hole. But more than that, the viewer is challenged at all times to follow the story, whose mind are we in as we take in the images. Since they are images of the mind, time shifts are constant as memories become realities as everything moves along. But being merely a voyeur in all of this, we watch other people's lives, watch their passion, love making, and daily dealings. The visuals might be too much for some people, because they are somewhat hard to watch at times, especially when the images are slightly blurred. But all in all, I loved this movie, because I became so engrossed in everything going on, and the frenetic visuals taxed my own brain to capture whatever Gaspar Noe was throwing at me. The movie is hypnotizing in many places in a good way, at least I thought so, but different people with different life experiences will come to their own conclusions about this fascinating movie. It's hard to imagine where Noe will take us next.

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Extremely graphic gangster thriller, not for the faint of heart, 22 September 2010

Darren Ward directed this extremely violent gangster bloodfest, and he certainly delivers the goods. The story is about Mitchell (Nick Rendell), a money collector dispatched by a gangster boss to find some missing money. Movie begins with a really really hot sex scene, between Mitchell and his Wife, and then moves 24 months ahead with him lying dead on a morgue slab, with a huge hole in his stomach. The story is told by the dead man and recounts what happened to cause his gruesome death. The gangster boss believes he was robbed and when Mitchell goes to the guy they think did it, he finds the money and cuts the guys throat open, with lots of blood spray. Mitchell keeps the money, and then is called upon by an even meaner gangster boss to find his 100K, which Mitchell now has. This starts a rampage of some of the most extremely violent graphic bloody kill scenes you are likely to see in any movie. Ward really sets forth to create a splatterfest of the highest order. He succeeds with some great shootouts and one particular torture scene of a guy hanging by his feet from the ceiling. After beating the guy with clubs, for stealing money from the boss, what follows knocked me out of my chair. I've seen it all, believe me, but what they do to this guy made me flinch and is not easily forgotten, especially by men. Extremely bloody, gory, and Ward makes sure you see it all in nice bright bloody color. Every step of the way Mitchell takes with his psychopath partner leads to more kills, and more graphically detailed blood and guts. After the crime boss finds out it was Mitchell himself that stole his money, everybody goes after him. Big time shootouts, more kills, and I thought I was in heaven. There is NO WAY this cut Mr. Ward sent me will ever see the light of day in an American theater. But he intends on releasing it uncut and unrated, so lucky for everybody that likes this genre, you'll get to see what I saw in the screener. This is a very very brutal movie, but top notch acting by all involved, and great photography, make this a must-see for you fans of excessive violent movies. I didn't notice any CGI, just plain old very well staged practical makeup effects make this one a joy. There's a little Guy Ritchie, some Tarantino (ala Reservoir Dogs), but mostly Darren Ward (Sudden Fury) that creates a very memorable graphic gangster thriller. This movie is NOT to be missed, it scores on all levels. I loved it, and will buy it for sure, just to hear Mr. Wards commentary.

Kick-Ass (2010)
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Could have been, but isn't..., 8 August 2010

I have mixed feelings on this comic book based film, about a wannabe super-hero kid, that doesn't have any super powers. First time through I didn't like it at all, and then a second viewing with commentary made it a little better. The best part of the film is eleven year old Chloe Moretz, who plays a real super-hero, Hit-Girl, and also Mark Strong as the bad guy. Nicholas Cage as Hit-Girl's super-hero Father, that might be a little over the hill, is a small role but pretty effective, especially when we first meet them with the pistol shooting scene. All in all, it's a very silly film, but definitely not a children's movie, as the violence is pretty graphic and bloody. I can't recommend it, but it does have a couple of good set pieces.

Al Capone (1959)
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Steiger is simply amazing..., 8 August 2010

This 1959 factual biography of gang lord Al Capone follows his rise and fall in Chicago gangdom during the Prohibition era. It stars one of my favorite actors of all time Rod Steiger, in an all out tour-de-force. After seeing this excellent gangster movie a long time ago, there has been no actor in any Al Capone role, that has came close to this film by Steiger. He is brutal to see the least, and his rise to power in Chicago is amazing to see, because it is based on true events. Great film, even after all these years Steiger is truly amazing as Capone. Be sure and catch this on DVD, the transfer is exceptional. No extras, but it's well worth watching.

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Superb Thai splatter classic..., 1 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This Thai horror movie to me is more of an Art film, because it is truly remarkable and it looks amazing. You might think it is more of a send off of the short film DUMPLINGS from the "Three Extremes" DVD, but this is much much more. The movie revolves around Buss a woman trying to make it with a small dumpling shop, and one day a dead guy ends up in her shop, and she decides to grind him up and add the pieces into her dumpling recipe, which is a huge hit. Yes, this sounds like Sweeney Todd a little bit, but Buss is relentless as the movie moves on with her killing of practically everybody that comes in contact with her. Her business has gotten so good, that she is running out of bodies, so she goes where she has to for the yummy ingredients who customers love. This is very very gory as Buss chops and grinds up victims, and pretty much goes berserk in the end, killing everybody in site. The photography is sensational, as is the great soundtrack. The back story is that Buss was severely abused her whole life by her Mother, and Mother comes back in the end, depending on how you interpret the ending. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED. It's the real deal, and whether you are a gorehound, lover of Asian horror/gore, or just love offbeat movies, "Meat Grinder" fills the bill. It's not available in the States yet on DVD, but I assume it soon will be.

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Controversial landmark treasure... That was then..., 28 June 2010

This is a landmark Swedish film, that pretty much changed the way American films at least, looked at censorship, especially nudity and sex in general. Banned at first in American in 1969, the ruling was overturned and it made a huge amount of money. I believe this is the first time I have watched the entire 2 hour movie, and found it very interesting indeed on a couple of levels. First of all, many people will probably find it a bit boring, but there is much to like. To me, the controversial material is not the frontal male and female nudity and sex scenes, but the political message, which I interpret as nothing but Communism. There's not really a plot, it's about a girl hooked on her very very left wing activist politics, and her uninhibited sex life. I would call the political theme radical, but remembering how things were back then, the censors were more concerned about the male frontal nudity, and one particular scene where she kisses a guys flaccid penis. Big deal, we have indeed come a long long way. The movie is important, because it opened up the American film market to just about everything, and you could say, helped launch the mainstream porn market because they benefited greatly by the relaxed censorship laws. Today, the movie is not shocking in the least, but still an interesting and historical exposition and the changes occurring in the sixties. I have the companion film "I Am Curious (Blue)" on loan from the library too, which with (Yellow) was supposed to be one long film, but they broke it up into two. The Yellow and Blue comes from the Swedish flag. Did you hear me, I got them from the library. That's saying a lot about how much things have changed.

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