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Rich Kids (1979)
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RICH KIDS. . . They know., 29 August 2005

Franny is 12 years old. She, unknowingly, is the glue that keeps her parents together. When she starts keeping tabs on her Dad, however, she begins to unravel the thread that we all dread, Mom and Dad aren't too happy with one another and they are not being honest with their little girl about it. So she starts learning about divorce from a new boy in school who has recently been through it. She realizes that kids have a maturity level that parents never will achieve. Thus said, the parents embark on an all out search for their daughter amidst the crazy world of a rich kid who has everything. His Dad lives in the most idyllic bachelor pad and doesn't dote on him, his mother is happily married to a psychiatrist cause she doesn't have to pay for the sessions. Ahhh the pleasures of divorce. Franny comes full circle with the acknowledgement of her fighting parents and that it's not her fault and they will love her no matter what. If you are a Robert Altman fan then this film is for you. If you like a good family film with a great score then this is for you. I saw it in the theaters in 1979 and have since loved it on every viewing. I wish this movie was on DVD, but for the time being look for it on Showtime or Encore in WS.

Piranha (1978)
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Behold the Killer Fish!, 5 April 2005

I am glad to be able to talk about this movie. It is for anyone who loved Jaws and wanted more. There is more humor in this gem, than in the aforementioned blockbuster, but it is all intentional. The script is witty and biting (pardon the pun) and it is written by John Sayles, who went on to write and direct some great films.

When you see a camera closing in on a group of summer camp children, swimming, it's hard to turn away. Sick? Well, yes. That's what director Joe Dante wants you to think, as you become the voyeur in an all-out banquet of razor sharped teeth gnawing at some of the most sensitive body parts you can think of.

I hope watchers of IFC will check this one out when it is shown. They are showing the Paramount release of the film, as it was shown in theaters. You can't even get THIS print on American DVD (why the hell not?). The Roger Corman Classics presentation is in full frame?????????????????????????????????

please, enjoy this if you like this kind of movie (and forgive Heather Menzies acting).

3 Women (1977)
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Psychological Study of Human Stability, 9 December 2004

We are all on the brink. Many of us have endearing qualities that are lacking in others and vice versa. Do we question ourselves or do we change drastically? Can we become better people or are we doomed with our very own dismal personality traits? These are the questions that the film, 3 Women, examines.

I saw this film as a 14 year old boy with no preconceptions. It made me feel like there were imposter's as well as identity thieves among us all. I even became suspicious of people who I considered to be my allies! A truly, classic piece of cinema paranoia (in the tradition of Polanski's The Tenant). Except in this case, there is no illusion. Just one ,blatant, slap in the face after another. When you watch this film, it will literally shed it's skin and reveal something that is spookily real and very threatening, without all the supernatural riff-raff and far-fetched plot. This is a film about REAL characters and REAL development. The ending can be summed up by the scene which precedes it, in which the three women are brought together by a rather tragic incident, as this breathes new "life" into their bleak, sometimes dusty environments. "One woman became two..Two became three...3 Women became One."