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Boston Brilliance, 7 April 2014

I go for the Milwalkie Bucks myself but I used to go for the Celtics... Welcome to my review on a very underrated movie. Celtic Pride was released in the fun year of 1996. It stars Daniel Stern, Dan Akroyd and Damon Wayons. Now, Daniel Stern is an extraordinarily funny actor and a great one in retrospective. Dan Akroyd is also an awesome actor who actually signed my DVD of this film when he was on a world tour. The film is very funny and the comedic acting is legendary. I think anyone who's seen this film probably disagrees with the 5.1. I rate this film a 7.2 for its memorable style and character which is hard to find in movies these days. I definitely recommend having this film in your collection as you can watch it over and over again. Click if this review was useful to you if you go for the Milwalkie Bucks. If not that, I go for the Green bay Packers in the N.F.L, San Jose Sharks in the N.H.L and mildly follow the A.F.L, my team there are the Fremantle Dockers... And so, be sure to check out my upcoming reviews for anticipated films like The Amazing Spiderman 2, Godzilla, X Men IV, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Hobbit part 3 and more!

Double The Scares?, 3 April 2014

Halloween 2 is just one of those determined sequels like Ghostbusters 2 for instance. Although it can never quite match the original... Welcome to my review on the second Halloween film of the series. I decided to only review this film because there's more to talk about it than the original. The screenplay was written by John Carpenter but unfortunately wasn't directed by him. The film made more money than Friday The 13th 2 at the box office. The film is often picked on for its violence and how it overpowers the scariness of the actual film. Donald Pleasence returns as Dr. Loomis and does his usual solid performance. Probably the best parts of the movie are when he talks about Michael Myers when he was still his patient. The film takes place directly after the events of the first film which was a very good idea. I think the musical score in this film is more gloomy and dark than the original's piano version. The new characters are quite useless and forgettable but characters like Michael Myers aka "The Shape" and Laurie Strode are expanded on. The film is by no means bad like most horror sequels these days and try's very hard to keep up to scratch like the original. The only big problem with the film is that it doesn't provide enough scares for hardcore horror movie fans. The beginning of the film is nicely done and is still fairly good by the end credits, I recommend only singling out these two films because the rest in the franchise are lazy and useless... Anyway, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

127 Hours (2010)
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~127 Hours~ "A Riveting True Story", 3 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Welcome to my review on one of my favorite movies of all time, 127 Hours. Based upon the legendary true story of Aron Ralston which Danny Boyle greatly adapted on film. Some critics call it better than his work on Slumdog Millionaire and I think so too. Actor James Franco plays the lead character and does an inspiring job, I always loved the acting of James Franco, he makes the original Spider-Man trilogy just so cool in a way. The design of the film is unique and very creative especially through the opening credits where 3 single shots are shown on screen all with their own impacting purpose. The film focuses around the 5 days (127 Hours), Aron Ralston spent in the canyon trapped by a boulder. The moderate themes, flashbacks and memories all lead up to a vision of what will be his future son. Looking down upon his trapped arm he realizes it's the only thing keeping him from helping his son grow up. He then proceeds to cut his trapped arm off from the boulder by first dislodging his bones, he then cuts into the arm full of muscles and nerves. The scene is very powerful and will probably bring a tear to your eye. The end music is also played out very well and sounds very good with what's going on. I highly recommend this movie to anyone, Danny Boyle brings a riveting tale about the soul and heart which proves that there is no force more powerful than the will to live.

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The Wolverine (2013) "What Was The Point", 29 March 2014

Was there a reason for the release of this film? It was really an unnecessary accessory to the Marvel films, we could have waited for X Men 4 without this, it's only one more year... Anyway this film is a prequel and what do you know, no, it doesn't suck, but it doesn't shine either! It's something in between. It's one of those Marvel movies that leaves you with a uneasy feeling, you have no clue if you liked it or not. Hugh Jackman is also a little bored on screen and is a bit out of shape. He's not fat, he just looks to old to be Wolverine anymore, he looked awesome in the first film but now he just looks like Bruce Willis in Die Hard 4.0. "What was the point" with this film, it didn't do the series any favors! They might as well of released the Incredible Hulk 2. I'm sure everyone would have preferred that more. Anyway this is Davorin Lonac signing off...

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X Men First Class (2011) "Did I Miss Something", 29 March 2014

It's set in the 60's, an aspect most like, it's got some good actors... but is so fake! It's too hard to watch without thinking about the madness on screen. It's not entertainment, it's just too much for the eyes. I mean the first X Men films had weird stuff in them but here it's just taken too far. Being set in 1962, it's really hard to believe anything you see. This film got a 7.8 which is way too overrated. I think I'm one of the few who dislike this film. Sure some scenes are awesome but mostly it's just a crazy mess! I swear you'll be embarrassed if you're a kid and you watch this with your father! And the movie's rated M, oh yeah, it's rated M! Why do they try make these films serious if the visuals are just computerized as hell. I'm sorry to say I've never expressed my feelings about this film but yes, this film is not one of my favorites! I'd rather watch Batman & Robin on VHS, I'd rather watch X Men 3 on a scratched DVD! Oh... Well that's enough. I have no more to say, it's not that bad but is really lacks in every god damn detail at times!!! "Did I Miss Something"?

X Men Origins Wolverine (2009) "Could This Mean Hope", 28 March 2014

"Could this mean hope?". After the bitter disappointment of X Men 3, many people eagerly awaited this film to redeem the series. Unfortunately it only made it sink lower. This is a good example of why prequels suck, well, most of them anyway. I mean we had Star Wars Episode I, Alien Vs Predator and now this. I think we all know that most prequels suck so bad, it's sad. Don't even get me started on the Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd! Back to this movie, the film focuses on the origins of Wolverine to give us a better insight on the character we saw in the previous X Men trilogy, oh wait, Days of Future Past is coming out, that's the bad thing with part 4's, they're so confusing! Anyway the film's villain is William Stryker, a much younger version of the original one in X2. The beginning of the film is enjoyable and there are some good aspects of the film. It most definitely isn't the worst Marvel movie of all time but also definitely isn't the best. Although I think I prefer it to X3... Get ready for my next two X Men reviews on X Men: First Class, The Wolverine and the upcoming X Men IV: Days of Future Past.

X2 (2003)
-X Men 2- (2003) "Bryan Singer Grandly Returns", 28 March 2014

Welcome to my review on X Men 2. A massive amount of requests to review this sequel have been sent, and today I grant you your wish. X men 2 is a good sequel but I seem to like the original more. The film mostly tries to add better action scenes and improve on the characters in the original film. I like the way William Stryker is introduced and makes for a cool villain, it is also nice to see Magneto helping the X Men where he and Proffeser X/ Charles Xavier make up their differences. Despite the quality of X Men Origins: Wolverine, it does affect the further films in a good way and provides good continuity. Although still many plot holes were made... Beside the fact, I like X Men 2 and "Bryan Singer Grandly Returns" to direct this sequel...

X Men 3 (2006) "Challenging X2", 28 March 2014

I am very thankful to you guys who have been giving me great responses to my X Men film reviews. For your viewing pleasure I have decided to release this new list on X Men 3: The Last Stand. Also be sure to see my upcoming reviews on all the X Men films including this years X Men: Days of Future Past. In the summer of 2006 this third X Men film was released and received large hype, although people were not happy that Bryan Singer would not be directing due to his work on Superman Returns. X Men 3 is considered the worst of the series short from X Men Origins: Wolverine. The concept of the film is silly and does not match up to the first two films. It provides good entertainment and is by no means bad. It is a fair film and can be loved by loyal fans. Especially after the film "challenging X2" in its greatness, it was not easy to make this film awesome. I think this film is OK and I don't mind it as much as most people, what do you think? Anyway this is Davorin Lonac signing off and be sure to view my upcoming reviews for 2014 and especially my Annual Christmas Edition 2. Last year we reviewed Hugo (2011) and this year will be a surprise... You'll have to wait till Christmas.

X-Men (2000)
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X Men (2000) "A Great Shot at Marvel's: X MEN", 28 March 2014

X Men is one of the earliest Marvel movies adapted to the big screen. Released in 2000, the film gained satisfactory reviews and many audiences were pumped for the sequel. The film introduces the heroes in X Men in a fun and enjoyable way and makes many references to the comics. This is my personal favorite of the X Men series and today I'll tell you why. First off the introduction of Wolverine is awesome and is very much in reality. The film has the most enjoyable moments of all the X Men films and the special effects hold up very well even after 14 years. The cast is played out brilliantly and there are little to no mistakes made on screen. The villains are portrayed in a nice manner and I think no other film of the X Men series can capture the true character of Wolverine than in this film. Of course Hugh Jackman played Wolverine several times but it is here where he actually reminds you of that guy with razor sharp claws known in the comics. This film is definitely must see if you're seeking out the good Marvel movies because this one is truly in the Top 10 list for me... Bryan Singer delivers "A Great Shot at Marvel's X MEN".

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The Creativity of Mr. Wes Anderson, 10 March 2014

Wes Anderson's style of filmmaking is truly awesome and its no surprise to me why such stars as Bill Murray join in on his latest projects. Moonrise Kingdom is my favorite of his movies. It has such a unique style as you will begin to see as early as the opening credits, the characters portrayed in the film are all top notch. Edward Norton as Scout Master Ward is the best character in the film and is very compelling. The film inspires you and gives you a better of idea of what movies should be. Bruce Willis plays the good cop named Captain Sharp. Jared Gilman is Sam Shakusky and does a really good job for his age, Kara Hayward comes alongside as his lover named Suzy Bishop. The two look great on screen and actually have some sort of chemistry together. As I stated before the film is just spectacular and can't be matched in its creativity. There is so many details you can identify which make it an "original" Wes Anderson film. With his new film, The Grand Budapest Hotel coming out soon, I feel quite certain it will not satisfy me as much as this absolute masterpiece!

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