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It's all so clear. It's common sense., 21 April 2016

I do not agree that this is a vegan propaganda.

I am not a vegan (at least not yet). But this movie along with a few other documentaries that I have watched on this issue (such as Forks over Knives) have really made me think about becoming one.

This movie basically summarizes facts and reality which have been available to people and in front of our eyes the whole time. We just don't pay attention or think about it or worse..don't care about it and are being ignorant about it.

If you care about the environment or if you care about animals, or about your health, or where this planet is going or just want to find out one more of the ways that the government uses to manipulate our lives..then you should watch it.

The bottom line of the movie is not if this is true or not. Any person with common sense will understand that this movie is our reality. The bottom line of the movie is if you care enough to make a change. That is all. It is as simple as that. Some would and some would not.

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There are some flaws but overall I enjoyed it., 20 February 2015

To start with I would say that the movie is hit and miss. I do not agree with the one-star reviews though. There is more to that 'porn' as some people are describing it and limiting it to. Some of the lines were a little ridiculous I agree. And some of the lines were pretty funny! So to me it was a little bit of comedy, erotica, drama, romance. I am still deciding how I feel about Dakota Johnson as Anastasia. At first I thought she was super awkward and shy and boring. But I think she became more and more confident as the movie progressed. She has some witty and funny lines. Jamie Dornan did a great job as Christian Grey. Of course as I woman I thought he was super hot and in the sex scenes, which by the way are done very well, he knew exactly what he was doing. I have not read the book so I did not know that it's not just about the sex in it. But the movie is clearly revealing that there is a deeper reason as to why Christian is how he is. I think the first movie was an exciting opening and definitely makes me want to see more and know what's going to happen next. I have friends that have read the books and say there is more unexpected to come. So I will definitely see the other movies.

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I don't understand the bad reviews. The movie was good and different than the first 2., 24 November 2014

I honestly do not understand the bad reviews. I thought that the movie was really good. The acting was perfect. Everyone did a wonderful job. Jennifer Lawrence is very convincing. I loved Julianne Moore as President Alma Coin - she did a great job representing this cold and manipulative character. I think the first part was a great built-up. There was tension and some action enough to prepare you for the 2nd part. I think people are expecting Hunger Games 1 and 2 and this is why they get disappointed. This part was more about building up the tension and the frustration. I have read the books and they are really good. I think they did a great job on the 1st part of the 3rd book.

I suggest that you don't read the bad reviews and just go see it :)

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You are going to laugh!!!!, 12 August 2013

We're the Millers is going to make you laugh. The movie is more hilarious than you would think. You will be surprise how creative some of those "stupid", funny and ridiculous scenes are. The girls are doing a great job. Emma Roberts as an angry teen with a big mouth and Jennifer Aniston as a sexy stripper with mother instincts. Loved the stripper scenes with Jennifer who looks as hot as ever. Kenny (Will Poulter)is just so perfect for the part of virgin, sweet teenage guy and of course Jason Sudeikis as David - the drug dealer - is the one and only who can pull that character as good as he did. The Millers are just the perfect "family". They picked just the right people for this comedy. You can expect dirty, funny, sexy, ridiculous! Just go and see it so you can have a good summer laugh!

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Intense different sexy and entertaining, 10 April 2013

This show is very different and engaging! Love the choice of actors - Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys. They are doing an excellent job, great play! If you really are following the show close you'll get addicted!I love Keri Russell as a bad ass Russian spy! And Matthew Rhys is so sexy! They are a great on-screen couple and a team. Lies, spying, sex, intrigues you get the whole package!! The show is solid! You would enjoy the tension, the spy games, the chemistry between Elizabeth and Phillip, KGB spies, who actually start as pretending to be the perfect "american" family and then they actually realize they really love each other and between their spy missions they are trying to build their trust and love.