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A movie well worth the ride, 10 April 2013

I hopped on my bike at 8am Saturday morning April 6, 2013 and went for a 440 mile putt to meet Sonny, Patch and the crew and watch the 5:30pm showing of Dead in 5 Heartbeats. About 5 minutes after I arrived at the movie theater in Phoenix Arizona, I was standing outside and Sonny came riding up on his motorcycle and with him was Chuck Zito riding Patch's movie bike...what a bonus...Dead in 5 Heartbeats is by far the greatest biker film I've ever seen. I Spent the night in the Arizona desert under a cactus and could hardly sleep as the movie and events kept playing in my head. At 7am the next morning I rolled up my sleeping bag, fired up my bike and putted back to Albuquerque making it a 880 mile ride to watch a movie, and believe me I'd would do it again. Jeff Santo and the crew brought Sonny's novel to life...Don't wait for the movie to come to you, get on your bike and ride to it!!! John