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The ONLY good anime show that can really be called "Horror", 26 May 2008

I said good but this show is amazing...

After watching the first episode most people will discard it as a kids show, personally, I wouldn't let my kids anyway near this show, although I like horror movies and shows it's really rare for me to feel horror myself, this show though, did it like no other.

The story takes place in a small village, around a group of small kids (I wold guess the ages between 8 and 14, but that's all this is), although the village gives you a warm and soothing feeling, it will, by the end of each story, make you feel isolated and suffocating, the children are perky and sweet at the beginning (a little too much, some will say), are really dark and scary at the begging, The show divide to few stories, all around the same time of the year, it runs as a detective story from different angles, slowly gaining more details about the dark past of the village and it's people.

You should watch the whole show, though, if you expect to understand any of it (even twice won't hurt, if you'll like it as much as I do), but only after seeing the sequel "Higurashi no naku koro ni kai" (which is not half as good, and can't really be called "horror") you'll really understand more then a few pieces.

And I'll finish in a few words of warning, this is one of the best Japanese anime shows ever created, but it really ISN'T FOR THE FAINT OF HEARTS, enjoy

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A show that will glue you to your seat, 24 March 2008

This is one of the best thrillers I've seen of it's kind, if you like shows about swindlers or mind games, this is the show for you.

Although this show is altogether about swindling money from each other, I couldn't help myself be reminded over and over again while watching, of the show "death note", because in many respect it is the same.

You have before you a game in which you think you know the rules, and always finds yourself dazzled by the ways they are being twisted to make a whole new game, on which the most cunning will win.

The acting of this show where uncharacteristically good for a live action (a Japanese comics, aka manga, that made into a movie or a short series), although, they show could not escape entirely from the overly theatrical nature of the manga.