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Excellent movie., 4 June 2007

This movie is appealing,most of all,for the atmosphere it creates,it does it very well,a close get together amongst friends at the countryside at a mansion . It has been a while since i have seen this but i saw no comments,so i thought to give a quick review.

I very much enjoyed this movie,for this feeling it gives,most of all,reminds us of our friendships with people and the way these gatherings feel like,and if that is something you would enjoy watching put on film,i think you would enjoy this movie as well,because it all feels quite authentic.There are the usual disagreements,love interests,and such,which comes naturally in this kind of setting,and is expected,but pleasant nonetheless.

Italian movies are very good at creating a veritable feeling of reality,from my experience,and this one is no different in my opinion.Highly recommended to people that don't mind feeling a bit of nostalgia or melancholy about old friendships,love interests,and so on.Good movie.

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This movie was great,what is everyone moaning about ?, 20 September 2005

I watched this movie yesterday,and couldn't see any of the flaws that people complained about..the acting was almost as good as it should have been,wahlberg almost getting what he wanted out of his character,and the directing was better than i expected by much.Soundtrack was excellent,and the "cheesiness" factor was much lower than people said it would be.

The plot was good and the twists weren't nearly as unbelievable as people warned they would be on this very board.In fact they weren't at all harder to believe than any twists in any other recent movie.I thought this movie would be bad but i went to see it anyway since i like to make my own mind up about movies i am interested in.This site is pretty full of wannabe hardcore movie fans but also of real movie fans,and sometimes it gets tough to tell them apart,and the reviews in recent times on this and many other movies are pretty mixed,i suggest everyone starts thinking twice about criticizing and for the readers to try and read more between the lines.I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a good action movie about 4 people that aren't your typical knight in shining armor,and more of the anti-hero.As for things they do that people criticize,i suggest to the puritans and all other stuck-up critics to remember this is a movie,and sometimes movies depict reality,whether they like reality or not,and what these guys do in the movie is not something immoral,unless you're truly stuck up and live in a fantasy world of your own or dream of an Utopian paradise on earth.

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Superb, 13 January 2005

This movie was great.The directing,soundtrack,atmosphere..simply flawless.I didn't expect it to be this good..yet it was; i am pretty demanding of movies but this one didn't fall short at any point..was simply a beautiful movie,one of the best romance movies i've ever seen..i'd definitely recommend this to anyone that is a fan of the genre,and to many that are not..the acting was excellent,josh hartnet did his best role i've seen,and i am not a fan either,yet he made a believer out of me..the supporting cast was also very good,everyone was their part,the casting was very good,nothing to criticise there either.Simply have fun and enjoy this movie,i'd suggest watching it with your girlfriend/boyfriend :)

Fear X (2003)
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Terrible, 15 November 2004

This movie was a terrible waste of time; not the soundtrack,nor the acting and directing could save what was an action-less movie,with no plot and ultimately no ending.Don't watch it;life is short,don't waste time on this.

John Turturo is an actor i like but even so i could not enjoy this movie..i only watched it because it had a good review from a user that said it was underrated and was good..he must have been watching a different movie than the one i have..i don't like criticism on movies,generally and i don't like to see people trying to dislike every movie they see for not bringing any novelty..i enjoy mostly any movie if it is good at its essence but this had nothing good except some acting,sounds and was supposed to be a thriller but nothing really frightening happened..just the sounds and the directing that had no screenplay to go on.Don't watch it.

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Bad movie, 15 November 2004

I don't really understand what was the big hype about this movie..i mean OK ,it was an independent film and OK,it was different,but is that really that important ? i wasn't enjoyable for me,and it only had certain things that were funny while most of the movie only made me chuckle out of niceness; There are subtle things that are not meant for the masses to grasp,OK but they're not quite that funny,nor are they that special; And this movie receives a rating of over 7 ? there are far better movies that have received similar or less rating,such as the butterfly effect which was a great movie;I don't like Ashton Kutcher cause of the hype around him but he did a great job in his performance in that movie,it deserved more rating than it got,and this movie gets such a high score ? why ? in god's name,why ? what was so good about it except some acting,some originality and some comedy (emphasis on some) ?