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A very touching show, 11 July 2014

I chanced upon this show while browsing the BBC website. I must say that I am glad I did. The manner in which the cognizance of a London cabbie driver and his travel around the world interacting initially with cab driver (as they are the people who generally have the inside lowdown of the place) then the community and overall experience of the city. This is such a wonderful touching emotional and a scenic show. Hope they can carry it ahead as gracefully as they have till now.

Mason McQueen is aptly suited to lead the show with his charming personality and eventually the show comes across as uplifting.


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Really good, 27 May 2007

They are back and now there are 13...

The movie is any day better than ocean's twelve (which i think was really bad) but still not as good as the original! All of them are back and why not with such an amazing director and support group who wouldn't come back. Al Pacino is fantastic as always and adds that extra bit to the movie.

Story is actually at par with the first one and 20 times better than the second movie! Got to see an early screening and loved it. I don't want to spoil the movie. But one thing is true that the story is again complicated and its for the better only as the more complicated the better. Acting as always amazing.

After disappointments of spider-man 3, shrek 3 and to some extent POC 3, this one s easily better than the above three and thus this is a must watch 9/10

Epic Movie (2007)
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A pleasant surprise!, 8 January 2007

The movie is really funny, the scenes are so hilarious and laugh out loud types that my stomach was aching after i saw this at an advanced screening in Las Vegas.

The acting was good as everyone had little parts to enact.

The way all the different actors impersonated various characters was so funny, specially the harry potter guy ! Don't worry this is much much better than date movie, and i will recommend it to everyone.

I guess the only problem or the only part which i didn't like at all was the one which made fun of snakes on a plane it was really lame and irritating. Otherwise every other sequence and story line was really funny.

It is kind of a "must watch" type of movie as it is extremely hilarious and funny.


Eragon (2006)
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Beginning of another epic, 12 December 2006

I really didn't expect it to be good, but i was wrong, this movie is awesome! It's going to be another trilogy i guess, the acting is top notch, the special effects are amazing and the story overall is so adventurous, entertaining and exciting.

Edward speleers has done a great Job considering that it's just his first movie, he has the potential to become a very good actor. The king's role which is played by john is also scary and good.

All in all this a great movie to end the year with, having literally everything.


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Daniel Craig you are here to stay!, 12 November 2006

This is among the best bond movies! You have to see it.

After all the controversy and comments on Daniel Craig's potential as an actor and doubts over him playing Bond...i'd say forget it and be enthralled by the new BOND! He's here to stay.

He has that natural feeling about him when you see him on the screen as Bond, that attitude, style, confidence matched only by Sean COnnery. The movie as a whole is extremely entertaining and exciting.The acting is awesome Eva Green actually does a great job and has really improved her acting from the last time i saw her (in kingdom of heaven), but then this is a totally different movie.

There's a lot of action mixed with great story which i am sure will please the true Bond fan.

Please go and watch this because you will regret if you don't, forget the past this is the New Bond.


The Return (2006/I)
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Pretty good, 2 November 2006

I got to see the advance screening of this movie too, way in advance though it wasn't a star studded screening.

About the movie, one thing must be said is that this movie is really interesting and mysterious though it cannot be compared to other movies like saw, mindhunters as this movie does not have gore at all.

It can be compared to the butterfly effect as it has that supernatural kind of story which is very well written and i will go on to say that to me this was better than the butterfly effect. Most importantly the acting is top of the line from all the actors specially Sarah's. The way this movie is directed is also very intriguing and i really have to admire Asif's direction.

Well if you want to watch an amazing, interesting and kind of a thriller movie you must watch this as it is certainly worth a watch.


Saw III (2006)
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Beats the previous ones, 26 October 2006

Well, after watching Saw 1 i was really looking forward to Saw 2, which as far as i am concerned wasn't as good as Saw 1 and my hopes for Saw 3 went down, but last night i got a free pass from my friend for an advance private screening of Saw 3.

I can promise you one thing this movie is just like Saw 1 and has everything and loads more of gore than Saw 1 & 2.

The acting particularly is good, but its the story and the plot that is extremely well written and of course the Twists again like the first 2 are huge and much much much much more enthralling and shocking! This movie is a reminder of Saw 1 and really sets the tone for more Saw movies to come i would be heartbroken if this Saw series ends here because its getting interesting with each part.

Thumbs up to Saw 3, a must see, go and watch it and experience the shocks! 8/10

The Marine (2006)
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Waste of money and time, 1 October 2006

So, another small budget film by WWE, what are they thinking? without a good and a solid story line how can they expect to do well? Saw an early preview, i had high hopes after watching the trailer but the movie didn't live up to it, short, cramped, the ending really didn't make sense.

After See no evil they thought an action movie would do the trick but i guess or lets say i hope they should end it here. The acting was actually not so bad considering this was Cena's first movie he did a good job. But his acting alone cannot make the movie good.

I'd say that they should take some time, develop a good plot, pick a good director and then only move on to make a movie.

Really a waste of precious time and effort though it was free! I'd give it 5/10 (mainly because i sympathize with Cena who did a good job).

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Not one of his best, but still very good, 20 July 2006

I don't think everyone will like this movie as in some people will truly love it while others would think of it as an average flick.

For such movies one should have an imagination, the world Shyamalan has showcased is a bit dark and creepy though the movie has a lot of jokes in between and i will go on to say that it is funny too. The acting as usual was very good, shyamalan is able to get the most out of his actors.

There's a kind of twist in the end, which i really liked, though at first i wasn't able to interpret it but when i though for a minute or two i understood the beauty of the twist.

I will surely recommend this movie to everyone because once you will watch it only then can u understand the intense or warmth of the movie.

Poseidon (2006)
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Not as good as expected, 10 May 2006

I had very high hopes from this movie, as it does have a good cast and director, as well as the story.

But it was the opposite that happened, it was in the end waste of money to some extent, so don't have high hopes from this one please.

The beginning was good as usual, then things started getting confusing and boring and thats where i felt the director could have done much better, and they should have used CGI technology for this flick.

Acting was good and so was the end, but still there were many loop holes unanswered.

My say is if you have the money and time then go and waste it on the movie, though you won't be as unhappy as you were when you saw Date movie!

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