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Zombies Walk in Vegas
28 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When two supposedly dead bodies come back to life, the team discovers a 30 year old science program at a university that dealt in bizarre aspects of science. Guest star former WKRP DJ Howard Hessemen plays a retired discredited professor that led the project. But some modern day students have discovered his work in an old lab and are trying to make one of his experiments a reality. Meanwhile, the fallout of Nate Haskell's escape haunts Langston.

Reviewer's Comment: My only issue with this episode is that it feels like a ripoff of 'Fringe'. The old slightly weird scientist, the lab that has been locked up for a long time, the bizarre experiments, the unforeseen results, all feel like a Fringe episode. They even have a metal, water filled sensory deprivation tank in the lab. Just a bit too much for any fan of Fringe.
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Stargate: Atlantis: Adrift (2007)
Season 4, Episode 1
Confused Plot Line and So-So Acting
1 October 2007
First I am not a big Stargate fan. I've seen a few episodes of both series but never got into it. Thus, I'm not sure about all the characters and their relationships and sub plots going on. But I do know good TV when I see it and this does qualify - barely. I was looking forward to watching this episode as I had seen the last episode of season 3 and enjoyed it. Also, I really like Jewel Staite and Tori Higginson from other work they have done and both are excellent actresses. As for the rest of the cast, David Hewlett is very good and seems to be in character the whole time, even though he is a bit annoying, in a funny way. The others, I really don't get yet. Joe Flanagan's colonel is very flat and one dimensional. The plot was confusing and had a lot of technospeak about their power source and shields and so on. I guess if I watched all the episodes I'd understand. But I was disappointed in the acting. Jewel had some good scenes and some bad ones, the good being where she was a serious doctor and the bad where they tried to have her inject some humor into her character. Tori was only in one small scene at the end, although she was unconscious for most of the episode and about to die. They seemed to be trying for humor and drama at the same time and it didn't work for me. I don't blame the actors so much as the creators, writers and directors. The humor just falls flat. This would have been great as a highly charged dramatic episode of life and death but the humor attempts cheapened it. Also, some things just didn't make sense. Why didn't the scientist and Flanagan take one of those little jumpers to repair that machine. And when he gets hit by the small rock, I'm sure it would have at least broken his leg and all his air would have escaped from the suit. Also those guys would not have died if they had just run instead of walking fast. Finally, all those jumpers went through that asteroid field and none of them got hit and no one died, despite all their protests that they weren't experts or used to flying these things. It would have been better if someone had bitten the dust so to speak. I'll keep watching, but I do hope it gets better.
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