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Surprising Wonderful!!, 14 April 2006

Ken Russell's homage to Hollywood Musicals of the early years, while outrageous as usual, is remarkably enjoyable. It was ruined in its American release by MGM's James Aubrey's hack job--he cut almost 30 minutes out of the film. Not merely content to cut entire numbers, he laid his heavy hand on every single number and scene, eliminating 30 seconds here, 2 minutes there, until nothing had been spared his hatchet. His reasoning was that no one wanted to see a two and a half hour musical. Besides he could get another showing in if he cut it. Wasn't it a surprise when the film bombed in the States?! Elsewhere it was a smash hit. With the cut footage restored, the VHS print shows, particularly, the salutes to Busby Berkeley and other early musicals. Twiggy is charming; Tommy Tune as the giant American hoofer is wonderful; and Russell's "stock" company of English actors carry off the zaniness with just the right touch. Oh, please, release the Widescreen version on DVD. I need to use it to end my History of the Film Musical class.