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Bang Bang-Quick Quip..., 15 September 2007

Shoot 'Em up has it all when it comes to an all-rounder of an action movie: excellently devised shoot scenes, car chases and general violence to the extent that it's *too* perfect, and you're desperately hoping Smith (Owen, in another suave performance) will get hurt just to prove he's human.

I can't say I'm particularly swayed in general by excellent fight scenes, but these were top notch. The direction was inventive and made up for the over-clichéd dialogue (that, luckily, Owen and Belluci managed to make work) and it was, in short, fun.

A quick warning, whilst I would recommend this film for all those Tarantino fans who love violence to the point where it's hilarious, be aware- suspend reality when you watch this film. If poked too hard the plot evaporates, and it definitely goes to the extreme. I was not the only one in the audience shouting "Oh, come on!" when Smith manages to sky dive out of a plane whilst shooting various bad guys and never getting hurt.

So to all the Kill Bill fans, those who want excellently choreographed and creative fight scenes, or the particular brand of humour that sees you rolling on the floor when Smith exacts "death by carrot", this is your film.

Giametti deserves a mention as an excellently crooked and twisted bad guy that you love to hate, and is always ready with some quick quips.

So, to sum up, sit back, enjoy, and suspend reality. Laugh and gasp and squirm, but don't think too much or you'll get lost in the plot holes.

"Firefly" (2002)
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underrated, and misunderstood., 25 November 2004

how someone can dislike this show, i cannot understand. Okay, so the special effects are a little "iffy", and it's very random. For some reason they've gone back to cowboy style, and yet it's set in the future. Also prostitution is legal, and respected (!) and they swear in Chinese (i think). But look past that, look at who made it! Joss Whedon is a creative genius. Buffy has become a legend amongst teenagers, (and yes, anyone who feels this is reason for persecution and has the word "geek" on the tip of their tongue-go ahead.)

This show has an interesting idea, interweaving story lines and brilliant scriptwriting. The lines are some of the funniest i've heard, and i though i started watching this with scepticism, i'm really disappointed that they didn't make a second series. It's adventure with only a tinge of sci fi and it's FUNNY so please don't judge it and dismiss it because it's different. open your mind and laugh along.

"The O.C." (2003)
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OK, so they may be tanned, pretty and skinny, but hey, there's sarcasm!, 13 November 2004

OK this show is without a doubt hilarious. The user who said it was boring, i can simply not fathom. Okay, so the storyline may be a little bit of a cliché, a kid from the wrong side of the tracks, posh galas every week and people who are too pretty to exist in the real world. But isn't that what T.V is? An escape from the real world? This is the only show the me and my family actually agree on. Why? Because the story lines, although they may seem obvious, are interweaving. (E.G Caleb is kirsten's dad, who is marrying Julie Cooper, the ex-wife of Jimmy Cooper, who was kirsten's high school sweetheart.-OK, when i put it like that it sounds like a sunset beach episode.*shudder-twitch*)

But the point is this, The O.C is different from all those other "Ooh it's sunny, we're rich and pretty but our lives are so hard" shows because it makes fun of itself. Its is not afraid to make fun of itself. It knows that it's a show about a group of beautiful people with loadsa cash but not so much happiness. Bottom line, It's a cliché and there are too many black-tie events, but at the end of the day, it's easy going and will make you laugh out loud. Give it a go.