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Like a Time Machine?So this is for you., 24 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Timesplitters Future Perfect is the third game of the series. It has cool graphics, a realistic visual.The main character is Cortez, a guy very similar to Vin Diesel in Riddick's movie. As a good movie, Timesplitters has a good sound, with real voices and nice musics.The sound effects are good too. The game is a little difficult, but it's not impossible. All the game courses are in different times(1912 and more), and then all of the guns are of different times, such as Soviet rifles and Scotish revolvers from the beginning of the twentieth century. The best part of the game is the creation of maps for Multiplayer games.You can create all types of maps, such as Egypt and Western. Timesplitters Future Perfect is a good game, recommended for Shooter and Sci-Fi fans.





Score: 9/10.

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It's a cool series., 24 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Pet Alien is a cool cartoon with aliens, comedy and confusions.

It's about a boy named Tommy Cadle, who lives in a lighthouse with five alien friends, such as Gumpers, a fat alien who only thinks in food.

At every episode the aliens(who don't know almost nothing of planet Earth), treat common objects of life as different things.In one episode, the aliens treated a balloon as a superior alien race.And they've treated a vacuum as a monster.

The cartoon looks idiot and and educational(Such as Discovery Kids cartoons), but it is very funny.

Watch it at Cartoon Network.

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Oh my, Batman!, 23 May 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Gotham is the best racer for Xbox.Really, why not? A game you can use Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carrera, the Lotus Exige, while hearing your favorite CD tracks at many cities, like Moscow, Chicago, Yokohama, Barcelona. The killer graphics are amazing, and the controls are very simple, using the intelligent way of using R button for accelerating(It's good because R button is very analogical). Like Burnout and Need for Speed, you can earn Style Points(Called KuDos in this game), but here you don't use them as Nitous Charges, but as Challenge Scores.

The Best: Almost everything in the game.

The Worst: Loadings are a little long at the opening scene

KuDo: What an ugly word!

Grand Theft Auto 3 (2001) (VG)
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When Godfather meets Boyz in the Hood, 13 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

GTA3 was released late for Xbox, but it's much better than the PS2 version.The graphics are a little better, and now you can listen to your favorite CD tracks when you're in a car.Just save the music in the HD of Xbox. The city called Liberty City is a metropolis and many factions control the city, the Mafia in Portland and the Yakuza in Stauton. The game is now in 3D and with awesome graphics and sound.The radios are great. The controls are better than the PS2 version.The shooting and acceleration buttons are in better positions. And the Fun Factor?GIANT!The game is very big and challenging, with a great story, but you can go terrifying the city as you like.Riding the Infernus(Like a Ferrari), a Kuruma(Chrysler), the Cheetah(Lamborghini) and many other cars. The game has many missions, more than 70.

The Best: A big neighborhood for playing

The Worst: Some camera bugs are disgusting

Your character: He's ugly and doesn't have even a name!

Ninja Gaiden (2004) (VG)
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Tecmo's best, 31 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ninja Gaiden is one of the best Xbox games ever made.The graphics are even better than Halo and Fable. The voices are good and the musics too. The game tells about Ryu Hayabusa in his seeking for revenge against Dark Dragon, who destroyed his village. The game is very difficult and challenging.Even in the Easy difficulty you will suffer a lot. You will like this game if you're fan of games like Zelda and games like Shinobi. The only problem is the load time, that is very long.

The Best: Amazing graphics and difficulty!

The Worst: The load times are very long

Xbox Live: Put your ranking

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The best DBZ game in Gamecube, 27 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

DBZ Budokai 2 is incredible! The game really looks like the cartoon, it's identical! The environments are beautiful bu they're not cartoonized.The voices are of the same actors of the TV series. The controls are a little difficult, but they have good responses. The game has a boring 1P mode, Dragon World, like a board game, but the fight parts are fantastic. The good part is the great number of fighters and moves, like Kamehameha or the Galick Gun! So, if you like DBZ and have a Gamecube(Or a PS2), you must have this game.It's the best!

The Best: Many characters and moves, graphics are great

The Worst: The Dragon Mode!

Most Idiot Move: A Present for You!

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May the force be with you, 7 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This Star Wars game has the best graphics, sounds, controls and courses of all 3 Snes games. You can use many folks of the movies, like Luke and his lightsaber, Chewie and its Bowcaster, Leia in the Boushh armor and Han Solo with his smuggler guns. The game is a little easier than the other 2 games.The number of courses is also bigger and the 3d courses are more cool.You can use even the Speederbikes! But even that the game is easier, it is very difficult even in the most dummy difficulty.

The Best: The best Star Wars game for Snes

The Worst: The game is still to difficult!

Chewie!: It roars!

Halo 2 (2004) (VG)
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Incredible!, 7 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Halo 2 is my favorite Xbox game. The graphics are spectacular, the best of Xbox, and the load times aren't bad. The sound is very good,with good voices and sound effects. The gameplay shows why Xbox has so good Shooter games like Counter-Strike, Doom 3 and Battlefield.The controls are very good and they're not confusing, with good responses and NO slowdowns.Even the vehicles have good controls. The game will make you stop in front of your TV playing for hours because of two reasons:

1- The game is big

2- The Multiplayer is excellent.

All of these topics show how good Halo 2 is.So if you have a Xbox, you can't live without this game.Seriously.

The Best: Everything at the game

The Worst: I didn't found yet

Best vehicle: Banshee!

Super Mario World (1990) (VG)
Very cool as Super 3, 7 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I play this game at the XSnesX9 emulator for Xbox.The game is extremely cool, with beautiful graphics, many many courses, secret areas, items and many more. Yoshi appears to be your chivalry.Yoou can use the green, the red(It spits fire), the blue(It flies) and the yellow(creates quakes). The sound is cool.The Yoshi Island 3 music is the best.The music even appeared at a course in Super Smash Bros Melee. But nothing is perfect, and this game isn't different.The Multiplayer is like the Single Player, only one player per round, Not so cool.

The Best: More than 40 Courses!!

The Worst: Multiplayer is really a Single Player Mode

Best Yoshi: The blue one

Good even without the classic villains., 20 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

TMNT's revival, this series were completely different. There's not Rockstead or Bebop, not even the brain belt(I don't remember his name)! But even without the classic villains(Now only Shredder, a fat dude and a street gang) the new series are good.Now the turtles are more mature and aggressive, and the combats are better. The story is very similar to the old series.The first episode is the attack at the sewers, because of little bots called Mousers. Then some different things happen, like the new "hero", a maniac called Casey Jones(He uses a hockey club to attack).

Now, even with strong differences, TMNT is a cool cartoon and I recommend it.

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