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Peter Pan (2003)
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Peter Pan, 29 December 2004

I have to say this Peter Pan is by far the best ever made and shows what the audience wanted to know of the boy who never grew up. Of course we all know the story of Peter Pan, a boy who didn't want to grow up. He befriends the Darling children and shows them the magic of Never Never Land. The troupe meets up with the loving lost boys and the daring Pirates, especially Captain Hook. This specific movie of the loved classic shows people the romantic bond between Peter and Wendy and even the emotional side of Hook. Every character is portrayed well, even the little Pixie, Tinker Bell. I give this story a 10 because there are no flaws and I smiled the whole way through. I do believe in fairies. I do I do.

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Rock A Doodle, 29 December 2004

Rock A Doodle is a fun loving story about the sun not coming up. Chanticlear, the Rooster (a knock of Elvis) is in charge of crowing for the sun to come up, however one day he was disturbed and didn't crow. Since the Sun came up without him all his farm friends called him a fake. Having no where else to go he went to the city to find work, leaving the farm to the owls. Meanwhile in the real world, a flood is brewing and a little boy named Edmand tries to call Chanticlear, but got the Duke Owl. He turns the young boy into a cat and joins up with a dog, bird and mouse to go find Chanticlear and beat the darkness and find the sun. This is a great tale, especially for little kids. It teaches them about friendship and to never give up hope.