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My Favorite Lewis Movie, 30 June 2007

This is my favorite Jerry Lewis movie. I laugh uproariously every time I see it. The surreal happenings just make the movie for me, like the butterflies. I was so surprised the first time I saw that as a kid. I just laughed and laughed! The lipstick on the painting is another example of the over the top absurdity. My favorite scene is hat scene, made even funnier because you can see Lewis laughing towards the end. He even moves his head when he can't stifle his giggles anymore to hide from the camera. Hilarious!I caught it on TCM today after a morning of studying with a difficult study partner. It made me laugh, and made me feel better. What I like the most is how game all the actresses are to go along with Jerry's ad libbing. They were all pro's. I appreciate that in a movie. Great stuff!

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Being shown in reruns..., 7 August 2006

It's being shown in Universal HD, if you have high-def satellite service. I thought it was a brand new program! I guess I blinked and missed it the first time around in 2004...very interesting show. I like the clever use of "future" technology, like the "Mate Finder" device that some people walk around with, like a miniature dating service in a Blackberry. It tweedles when someone who fits your criteria passes you on the street or something. The show I'm watching today also features a child finder device that lets a parent patch into any camera in the city to see what their child is up to. That's the upgraded version. The girl in question staged a kidnapping so she could have a finder chip removed. She is railing against the lack of privacy that her parents concern takes away from her. Some ethical things to think about. Anyway, it's an interesting show...wonder why Sci-Fi didn't pick it up...

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Fantastic movie..., 6 August 2006

I stumbled across this movie last night while channel surfing. I picked it up during the dinner scene when the young woman had a seizure. I started to turn it off and go to bed, but I watched a few more minutes and was hooked! I love Asian movies, and Asian ghost stories...they are the best! Once I determined it was Korean of origin, I was really intrigue, since I've seen no movies of this genre from this country. I found the acting to be very powerful, and by the very sad ending, knew I had to see it again from the beginning. Many twists and turns, and much mystery. It reminded me of that movie, whose name always escapes me, with Catherine Deneuve, where she goes mad at being left alone in an apartment by her sister. Maybe they were based on the same legend...