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Sicario (2015)
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it will make your heart beat faster, 12 October 2015

From the very first scene of the movie, you will be totally engaged with it. the soundtrack is perfectly chosen so it gives you that true feeling of excitement and waiting for something totally unexpected to happen. Even-though it is not based on a true story, it is actually as real as the situation can get with drug cartels in Mexico. So for me, it was a highly entertaining. At the same time, it was giving a true picture of what is going on in Mexico with respect to War of Drugs. Actings are great. Also, cinematographically, it is a good one in its genre. As far as I know, the movie even upset some high ranked Mexican officials. An indication that it was effective in sending out its message.

Twice Born (2012)
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True Sense of Motherhood on Screen !, 2 April 2013

Amazing acting from Penelope Cruz, she shows the true feelings of being a mother in an ironic sense. A woman's desire for motherhood has been well illustrated! Her facial expressions throughout the movie are emotionally penetrating and make you think about this movie for quite a while.

The movie has a perfect story-line. The shifting between present and past is done is professional way so you would connect the events without loosing the line.

Watching this movie is like a heart-rending ride, but cinematography and acting are rewarding. The background music faultlessly matches all episodes of the movie. In one word, it's a well-directed and well-acted Italian movie.