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Some of the sexiest, most handsome men in history who still got it going on today. Added is the movie, TV show or other project that made women start to sit up and pay attention to their awesomeness. If you see an asterisk next to their project, then he's a personal favorite of mine. ;)
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It means exactly what you think it means. No reality stars, because that goes without saying.
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Just what the title suggests. They are a part of a dying breed. I also have included people who may not be natural redheads, but look stunning as one and people who are natural redheads, but have either dyed it another color for some reason or it has since greyed/whitened.
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Cool celebs with alliterated names. What more can I say???
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In the order I saw them.
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A refreshing and truthful list to look at from my list of unfunny comedians.
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A list of guys who are hard on the eyes and usually uncharismatic, annoying, bland, etc. unless I say otherwise.
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A list of "likable", "sympathetic" characters that society wants me to identify with, despite the fact they are awful, worthless, pathetic people
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Cool TV, man.
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You know it's the first thing you notice about them. Please, though, no suggestions for Lisa Rinna or Randy Orton.
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Yeah, yeah. S.F.W if they're popular, "groundbreaking" shows. These are unoriginal shows made by unoriginal people. I'm not talking about remakes, or shows that were inspired by other shows or pay homage to them. I mean the shows that are basically backbiting off of an original concept, yet in some cases, gain more popularity for it or even ridicule the show that inspired their undeserving success. Whatever.
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I just don't find them funny.
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My favorite to least favorite actors and the characters that they played from the well-acted and (usually) well-written show that ran from 1993-1999. Oh, how I miss this show.
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All of my favorites from all incarnations of Star Trek, in no particular order, including the bad one. ;)
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Actors who upon joining a certain show, ruined it. Enjoy!
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Beautiful girls who may or may not drive the guys nuts, but I don't care. These are my choices, so there.