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Fantastic film, 12 November 2004

This film came as a complete shock to me. What was this? A drama and feature film in one? I had to let go of my prejudices and flow along with the music the changing moods and visual steam of conscience. I experienced something which I have never seen in a documentary or feature film before. I experienced a steam of conscience, an inner story of how the famous photograph Jacob Riis developed a social conscience out of an experience of a love he could not achieve, I experienced the downtrodden New York at the turn of the Century; I experienced all the broken dreams of immigrants who were promised a golden land. This historical layer was then combined with the slums in the present just my mood. The film manages to draw an invisible line between past and present which reminds me of Resnais 'Night and Fog'. Flash of a Dream is a very subjective story told in a poetic form. It is very different, yes. But this does not make it less. In my opinion this is a very poetic, beautiful, soulful film. Absolutely a 10/10