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Porky's (1981)
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Proverbial American Humor, 23 January 2005

Everyone who has ever seen this movie seems to remember it in great detail. Chuck "Porky" Mitchell is an action figure that will always be remembered by the audience for his very real portrayal of a "river entrepreneur". This is a movie you will NOT forget. It is a "peoples movies", not for the faint of heart. It borders on being an "Art Film". The photographic quality of this move alone sets it apart from most other films. It appears to have been shot on real locations, not in a studio lot. The signage on Porky's establishment is eye catching and cleverly portrays what he is offering to an adoring adult male public. If you are a ballet fan or a classical music fan, you will doubtless NOT want to view this film. If you are a "Red Stater" politically, you will find this movie to be a must see - several times at least. It embodies the spirit of the Television Series "Happy Days", except with a bit more edge, especially regarding the moral climate in which "shotgun weddings" were in vogue. It is one of those "FEEL GOOD" movies that has a mostly happy ending and makes the viewer crave more. And there are two EXCELLENT follow ups.

The Bobo (1967)
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Great movie which deserves to be available in DVD asap -NOW!, 11 November 2004

Great movie which deserves to be available in DVD asap, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Brit is probably the best looking blonde on the planet.This movie is unusual in that it has two levels of humor at least. Each viewing reveals more details and cultural humor regarding the "foreign" viewpoint. The Flamenco Dancer is great - she beats those on Collins Street hands down - in my opinion. This movie used to be shown on Television and was often listed locally as "The Blue Matador". The Scenery appears to be authentic, as opposed to being shot primarily in a studio. The color is excellent as is the focus of the VHS version. Very sharp and very clear photography. And it is a movie which can be viewed alone or in a group. The entire movie is UPBEAT.

The Search (1948)
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A movie dealing with a child victim of a Concentration camp., 11 November 2004

This Academy Award winning show "screams out" to be released promptly on DVD. This ia a classic tear jerker themed about little tattooed children who survived German extermination camps during world war II. In particular the movie focuses upon one child, separated from his mother for so long he seems to have forgotten who she is. It touches upon the children's fears of being gassed in the back of a red cross truck when they are being transported to a displaced persons center. It highlights the problems of children using different names for reasons which will become obvious when one views the film. This movie paints a human face upon victimized children. The term "Docu-Drama is given exact definition in this film. This Black & White film is not like "The Third Man" in any sense, yet the immediate post war feel of the fallen Nazi empire in that movie is here also. Those who are in denial about the reality of the Holocoust will not like this picture. There is a new generation that needs to see this. Nazis & their sympathizers will pray that this movie is forgotten. It cuts close to the quick of the soul of humanity.