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"Feud" (2017)
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So far, so great, 6 March 2017

After watching episode one I have to say Feud did not disappoint. It was excellent! Best thing I have seen from Ryan Murphy. Can't wait to see the rest of the episodes. The acting is superb as are the sets and costuming. Episode one felt like the first half of an Oscar nominated film not a TV series and unlike American Horror Story, also from Murphy, Feud was not rushed, overdone, gratuitously shocking or confusing in the slightest way. I did not want the episode to end.

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Bates Motel Is A Modern Retelling/Have An Open Mind!, 30 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I wish all the people who came up here to criticize Bates Motel, had done a little research about the show before flashing their ignorance for the masses. Bates Motel is both a prequel and reboot of the Psycho franchise. It is pretty much the same treatment that has recently been given to movies like Oz: The Great & Powerful. So far the show seems to be more of a drama with elements of mystery and horror comparable to shows like Dexter, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story.

Bates Motel starts with a 17 year old Norman who is a bright mama's boy who has been shuffled from one home to another in a series of life changing moves spurred by his impulsive mother Norma. The two end up buying an old foreclosed home and adjoining hotel from life insurance money left by his father who has recently died. The town which was once booming has fallen upon hard times as the economy has shifted and faces even more hardships if a proposed bypass is approved. But mysteriously most of the town's inhabitants still seem to be prospering.

Norman Bates is at once respectful to his mother and yearning to break away from her grip to experience life as a normal teen. Norman is at times frail, strong willed, curious, rebellious, and mature beyond his years. The actor who plays him juggles these opposing natures deftly. The same can be said of Norma. The actress who plays her does a seamless job of shifting between loving protecting mother, smothering mother, and just plain crazy as hell mother. The casting of this show is perfect. The acting is very good in my opinion by all characters.

I have a feeling that this show was set in modern times and started before the original Psycho because that material was done to death. By starting from the beginning you get to see the complex relationship that exist between Norma and Norman that leads to his eventual psychosis. By setting this Bates Motel in modern times you also get a more layered story that features a town mired in modern day secrets and problems. I think the show is outstanding and it grabbed me from the first few minutes of the pilot. After watching the second episode I was left wanting more and eagerly anticipating the third. I like that the producers also respected the time and feel of the original movie by keeping the house and it's interior dated and also using some retro wardrobe chooses for both Norma and Norman. I can't wait to see how this show unfolds.

So if you are a die hard Psycho fan expecting a direct and faithful retelling of the book or original movie by Alfred Hitchcock, skip this. But if you have an open mind and can envision the Bates House looming over a modern landscape in all it's creepy glory then this show might just be for you. Make up your own mind and don't let some of the negative comments on this site deter you.