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I gotta see more well-regarded Holiday films
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Another year, another list that includes all the films I saw for the first time in the given year as well as those films I rewatched and rated differently this time on the 10pt imdb scale.

I count movies I give a 6 or higher as generally favorable movie experiences. I gave 83 of these 107 films a 6/10 or higher. Last year I saw 119 and gave 93 a 6 or higher. Both nearly 78%. It looks like I saw only 2 F's this year, which is less than 2015 and 2014 in which I saw 5 F's each. I did see 21 D's in 2016, though, which is probably a record high. Only 18 of those 21 appear below, because I left off the list 3 feature length docs in the series The Decade You Were Born (I only liked the 1940s disc, which I gave a 7/10, and that does appear on this list).

Grade Scale
8.3-10 = A
6.9-8.2 = B
5.7-6.8 = C
3.5-5.6 = D
1.0-3.4 = F

Some Stats comparing 2016 with 2015 and 2014.
My avg. rating on 10.0 scale: 6.86 (2015: 7.00, 2014: 6.88)
My avg. imdb rating (I always round down to the nearest whole number, i.e. a 6.0 and 6.9 both get a 6): 6.60 (2015: 6.60, 2014: 6.46)
Avg. rating according to imdb users: 7.47 (2015: 7.38, 2014: 7.26)
Avg. length of film: 104.86 (2015: 107.92, 2014 111.84)
Avg. year of release: 1996.66 (2015: 1997.70, 2014: 1997.73)

Also, let the historical record show that my 2016 included a sizable chunk of TV viewing, the most sizable of recent years. In 2016, I completed generally amazing seasons of Planet Earth, Better Call Saul, Stranger Things, Westworld, Love, Mad Men, Shameless, That 70s Show, etc. I imagine TV will continue to cut into my time spent on movies. Nevertheless, currently there are over 900 movies in my "Must See" list that I haven't seen. This number only ever seems to increase. So, while there may be hundreds of hours of TV on my horizon, I'm not running out of movies anytime soon.
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As usual, this list includes all the films I saw for the first time in this given year as well as those films I rewatched and rated differently than before (on the imdb scale).

I gave 93 of these 119 a 6 or higher. I count movies I give a 6 or higher as generally favorable movie experiences. It looks like I saw only 5 F's this year, just like last year.

Grade Scale
8.3-10 = A
6.9-8.2 = B
5.7-6.8 = C
3.5-5.6 = D
1.0-3.4 = F

Some Stats that show I saw slightly better movies this year compared to last year. (Go me!)
My avg. rating on 10.0 scale: 7.00 (up .12 from last year)
My avg. imdb rating (I always round down to the nearest whole number, i.e. a 6.0 and 6.9 both get a 6): 6.60 (up .14 from last year)
Avg. rating according to imdb users: 7.38 (up .12 from last year)
Avg. length of film: 107.92 (down 3.92 min. from last year)
Avg. year of release: 1997.70 (down .03 from last year/the same).
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17 films I rated a 4/10 or worse but others mostly seem to love (look at those IMDb ratings!)
Of the some 1200 movies I've seen, these all place in or around the bottom 10 percentile.
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As of today, May 9, 2015, this list documents the 107 Foreign Language Films I most want to see that are on my IMDb Must See list. Following those I have included the 75 Foreign Films I have rated highest (all are 8, 9, or even the rare-for-me 10). I am convinced that this list is far too "arty/serious". I wonder who the great foreign filmmakers are that could be considered akin to Americans like Woody Allen, Wes Anderson, The Coen Brothers, Robert Zemeckis, Richard Linklater, Judd Apatow, etc. Or would I think such foreign works' "powers" are lost in the cultural translation?
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Some of these count as among of the best movies I have ever seen. Some rank as top tier from great directors and yet don't get as much love as more "famous" films. Others still score as incredibly successful productions that might be "popular" but appear to be undervalued on this site. A few are grossly underrated. I wish others were given their due and had a score about 1pt higher.
There are so many garbage films on imdb sporting a score of 7.5 or greater. None of the films listed here have a 7.5 as of the time of my writing but all of them deserve that or more!
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50 Flicks I Don't Like Much (But Others Seem To)
In alphabetical order.
Here is a wide range of films I am not very fond of. People call them classics, favorites, or well-made. I beg to differ. None of them get my general approval (7/10 or higher) and many of them strike me as annoying or terrible.
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I scored these 85/100 or higher sometime in the past 3.7 years.

In order of value, somewhat.

I think these films are near perfect and represent high caliber film-making, the way I see it.

This happens to be roughly the top 15 percentile of films I saw during this period of time.
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As usual, includes all the films I saw for the first time in this given year as well as those films I re-watched and rated differently (on the imdb scale) than before.

83 and above = A
69 and above = B
57 and above = C
35 and above = D
10 and above = F

Some Stats:
My avg. rating on 10.0 scale: 6.88
My avg. imdb rating (always rounding down to the nearest whole number): 6.46
Avg. rating according to imdb users: 7.26
Avg. length of film: 111.84 minutes.
Avg. year of release: 1997.73

Top 15 Most Overrated films
(my 10.0 scale rating compared to imdb's)
1. Nebraska (-5.6)
2. The Station Agent (-5.1)
3. Godzilla (-4.7)
4. Gone Girl (-4.1)
5. What Lies Beneath (-4)
6. Independence Day (-3.8)
7. THG: Mockingjay - Pt. 1 (-3.5)
8. Hotel Transylvania (-3.2)
9. Divergent (-3)
10. Flawless (-2.9)
11. A Nightmare on Elm Street (-2.7)
12. Stripes (-2.6)
13. The Big Lebowski (-2.5)
14. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (-2.4)
15. Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (-2.1)

Top 15 Most Underrated Films
(my 10.0 scale rating compared to imdb's)
1. Harry and the Hendersons (3.1)
2. Spring Breakers (2.7)
3. Sister Act (2.6)
4. Woman is the Future of Man (2.3)
5. Wayne's World (2.1)
6. Police Academy (2)
7. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (2)
8. Out of Sight (1.9)
9. The Blair Witch Project (1.9)
10. Foxcatcher (1.6)
11. Cabin Fever (1.6)
12. Billy Madison (1.5)
13. August: Osage County (1.4)
14. Mars Attacks! (1.4)
15. Jeepers Creepers (1.4)
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In order of release year in US. Not in order of preference. Roughly my personal top 10 percentile of films I have seen and rated in the past 9 years. last edited: 7/19/14
a list of 117 titles
Here are the 117 films I saw during the 2013 calendar year. I first of all want to thank my almost-always viewing partner, Joanna. I also want to acknowledge that I saw some films recommended to me by some family members and friends. "I am sorry I almost always did not love your movies as much as you do! I still care about what movies you like."

Some stats representing average:
My rating on 10-point scale, always rounding down: 6.66
My rating on 100 point scale: 70.47
The average IMDb rating for these 117 films: 7.28
Average release year: 1995

I write little reflections on all the films. Grouped in order from best to worst. They are also given a letter grade, assigned after the curve I applied.
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I finished this year strong, in terms of sheer volume of movies seen. It was nice to finally see some horror classics and also some of the popular christmas movies. Having seen Gravity and 12 Years, I feel comfortable saying this is the best year in a while for mainstream(ish) "striving to be great" movies.

I was happy to see some incredibly successful comedies this last chunk of the year (4 in my top 13). Also happy to finally see another Lynch film, even if it was a bit TOO much, shall we say. Still, his flicks are fun to occasionally recall. It was also nice to see and come to my own opinion about the controversial (and often disliked) American Psycho. A bit too "nothing" but great acting and a mostly entertaining visionary achievement by its creators. Also cool to have seen "The Village". I dunno. I will refrain from more of these lil reflections on particular movies, here.
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*excludes repeat viewings of films I knew well enough

Flight is extraordinary in seldom-seen ways. Rumble Fish is high concept and fun. Before Sunrise, which I finally got around to seeing, is slightly more French new-wave and less formally complex than its more "classic" follow-up, Before Sunset.

The Butler is a supreme historical drama.
The early Woody flick is a bit lacking but full of incredible goods.
I don't think I am a big fan of Tim Burton, despite his inventiveness.
I was disappointed with these John Hughes flicks. They have not held up well at the very least.
Frances Ha is not very entertaining and relatively annoying.
The new "Superman" epitomizes a worrisome strand of dehumanizing realism.
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a list of favorites from someone who usually avoids using that term.
*excludes repeat viewings of films I knew well AND loved well
*NOT RANKED. best viewed in alphabetical order or US release date order.
*for perspective, 48 months in 4 years. and 50 is 1/7 of 350-the approximate number of viewings that qualified for this list.
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Terminator for the first time, probably? Crazy good - transcends genre. Jurassic Park in 3D - Woah. And we all need reminders of the great questions/problems philosophers set out to answer.

Excludes films seen for second time within last 5 years.

Includes a fair number of 2013 Oscar nominees.
Includes 3 Arnold movies (all top 10)
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Importantly, these films ask you to accept/understand them - something I am sure to have failed to do well enough in spots. I created this list after seeing Holy Motors and sort of liking it. I thought Holy Motors a film about duplicity, performance, living for the thrill, truth without embellishment, our wildest dreams, French fatalism, enduring unending punishments, and absurdity. The film's form, style and subjects depend upon its intention to be strange. All of the films on this list, for me, come out of the category of strangeness. By that I mean to say that I, the viewer, interpret them from the position of being strange above all else. Their experience results most from their strangeness. For me anyway. ... I have them ranked in my order of preference - a preference that does not very much reflect my appreciation for each film's strangeness, but rather my judgment of them as films. Only the top 4 greatly succeed, in my opinion. Maybe the bottom 4 are what I could call terrible failures. Perhaps I think it's hard to be strange AND great.
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a list of 110 titles
Includes only films seen for the first time, or in some cases films I saw having remembered practically nothing. I generally recommend the top 80% or so.
a list of 12 titles
Three early-aughts arthouse filcks top, three classics of world cinema figure (8-10), Margaret is quite stunning, Chapin is genius, Rock of Ages was good fun, Disco and Graffiti are wonderful, Danny McBride can be hilarious
a list of 50 titles
*Excludes the handful of great films I returned to again after having not seen them for a good while. **This list consists of nearly 40% of the films I have seen that were new to me during this period of time. Even so, I usually try to see "should be good" / "could be really great" films. Supplemental taste index: I tend to skew toward artistic / thoughtful / acclaimed / edgy / unique / not trite. I think I am hard on films / during most of the year, it is rare that (2) films playing at a particular theatre compel me to want to go see them. The worst films on this list I would give a strong 3/4 / weak 3.5/4 stars. The top 20 I would give an easy 4/4 stars. The Avengers gets a 2/4 from this guy, who also happens to not have a past full of comic book related memories. Final thought: taste (history) is evolving and does not strongly determine anything.
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I won't think the exact same tomorrow, next month, next year, next decade, but I like this list of films. They make up roughly the top 1/7th of the films I have seen during this nearly twelve-year segment of time/history.