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Not following the plot of the book but I don't care, 6 July 2012

When I discovered that the Three Musketeers film was being made by P.W.S. Anderson I was very surprised. It's one of those classic stories that are difficult to change into brainless action-adventure movie without losing the heart and style. But I was very eager to see what Anderson would do with the material provided by the scriptwriter. I expected great action movie, with massive and beautiful sets, wonderful music and well choreographed fight scenes. And the movie is exactly what I expected it to be.

I don't care whether the plot followers the book or not - I go to the cinema to have a great fun, and great fun I had indeed. It is really done with style but Anderson's haters will never like any of his movies.

I really like it, 10 November 2004

Oh the truth is that I could watch this movie, and watch it for hours. In my opinion it is the best movie adaptation of a video game that has been made so far.

I like all of Paul Anderson's movies (Event Horizon was great!) but Resident Evil is his best one. The scene with cutting lasers was so amazing that I had to go to the cinema twice to see it. Acting was great as well. I liked Michelle Rodriguez as Rain most.

The sequel however, was not so good. It wasn't bad but lost the climate of the first part. For me it was not a horror but rather a silly action movie. I hope that Paul Anderson will direct the third part.