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Very original and creative, not just stupid, 3 January 2005

Kung Pow enter the fist was a movie I wanted to see for sometime for a cheap laugh, but never got around to. I recently rented it along with several other movies that fit that category and gave it a whirl. The results were at first confused, but then once I got used to the humor I loved it. This is a stupid comedy, it's not witty or smart like the kind you find in Pulp Fiction or Fargo, but it's a damn good stupid movie at that. I laughed my hardest at parts that just didn't fit the story. Just a random quirk Oederek had and wanted to put in for kicks. Aside from taking two old kung fu movies and doing them over, the film does have other neat niches that haven't been filled before. Such as the dialogue, example; you meet a character and expect him to say something funny or out of context, but the character instead responds with a logical thought that stupid and is said in a manner to make anyone laugh. The ending was a little disappointing but what can I complain? I got my copy for free. Overall a solid B

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Offbeat and loving it, 30 November 2004

This movie rocks. Simply put. It kept me laughing the whole way through. Napoleons sardonic sheltered sytle is perfect for the drab setting of a town with little to be happy about. Mismatched characters abound and are brilliantly written in. The dialogue is quick and witty, while sometimes random. Stereotypes are stereotypical but somehow more fleshed out than in other movies. Not to put this purely as a dialogue based comedy, the physical humor was spot on at the drop of a hat. I would have given this a nine but some of the acting was a But this is truly a classic not to be overlooked, a new age Waiting For Guffman if you will

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The only good rambo movie, 17 November 2004

How people can call this the worst one of the series or just a bad movie in general is beyond me. The action is actually believable and not something out of a video game. And the storyline is good and paints a good picture of life in America after the Vietnam war. Following the tale of the best of the best it is certainly not the best but very good. Better yet is the laughs that come from watching the bad cops get theirs. The only I have to complain about this movie is that the sequels were atrocious and painful. This is often looked over excellent movie that puts many other in the genre to shame. Many of you who find it boring are just gore junkies who thrive off of cheap explosions and a plethora of bullets in the air. Take it for a man trying to survive, not bringing down a whole army.

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Righty right then, 16 November 2004

This movie rocked. It was interesting,violent, sad and sickening all at the same time and better yet, the plot was simply brilliant. It's a tale of death and rebirth for a man who threw everything away for a laugh. The futuristic setting is bleak and wild. Criminals run wild and the law is weak. Alex, Dim and the others are all perfect characters to show how decent human beings can become monsters of the night. Stanely Kubrick did an excellent job at conveying a sense of dysfunction and chaos with his long cameras shots and classical music playing in the background. Truly one of his best works ever it has a the quality to withstand any movie that tries to repeat its brilliance.

*also did anyone notice the album for 2001: A Space Odyssey in the record store when Alex is picking up the young girls?

Cube (1997)
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Could've been so much more, 16 November 2004

Creating an unreal sense of dream like paranoia, Cube had me enthralled. Expertly showing group theory, Cube opens with six individuals awakening in separate cubes. These cubes are connected via doorways on all six sides leading to other cubes, but some of them are trapped with death enducing blades, acid and so on. And therein lies the simple chilling mindset of the movie. You awaken in an unknown world with several other people using each of your skills and knowledge to survive. The cubes the characters travel through offer no answers to why they are there, no solace in their quest to survive. The movie had me picking sides with characters from the get go and showed the breakdown of the human mind under such conditions. But all this added up to what? Nothing and that's it. The ending is non-existent. There is no final explanation or grand scheme to it all, the movie jus stops from story telling and quits. I was waiting for a government cover up or something along those lines, but no, nothing. I guess that goes with the theme of cube, know little and show little, but either the "ending" p*ssed me off

Signs (2002)
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Who's that man standing in the corner with a violin?, 9 November 2004

This movie was a major disappointment, even coming for Mel Gibson. I was really looking forward to Shamylan's new movie but it just stunk. The thrills were cheap and the ending was, me'h. And does a violin playing in the background sharply gets rather annoying after the tenth time And the plot had so many holes I could bury myself in them. The aliens traveled billions of miles to conqueor earth and launch this massive invasion, and to what get stuck in a closet? And they can't even call for help. I would like to have given this movie a 2 but there are some funny parts in it that redeem a few of the actors. So for now I'll just watch Unbreakable and the Sixth Sense again and pray his next movie with be better. Other than that dump it.