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Crazy as Hell (2002)
Fascinating character study
9 November 2004
There were parts of this film which I did not like at all, because of the initial portrayal of the hospital and the patients. I worked Psych for 9 years and there were some scenes that were true to life, but overall, they were played for shock/humour. Having said this, I was distracted from these shortcomings by the excellent acting of the entire cast and when Mr.La Salle and Mr. Beach encounter each other, the sparks fly. I had no idea where the film was going but I was glad for the ride; these two guys display their talents and there is no doubt that you are seeing two masters at work. Some of the characters seemed superfluous to me, but the author did also write the screen play so I'll assume that he knew what he was doing (Big of me, don't you think?) I didn't care for the ending,and frankly, I thought it was an unoriginal cop-out, but the lead up to it - the chase, the revelation, made it bearable. Also, is there anything Ronnie Cox can't do?
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A Pleasant Surprise
9 November 2004
This film is so many things: corny, touching, hilarious, weepy, maddening...well, you get it - so many things and a really pleasant surprise. I watched it to see Kathy Bates and I fell in love with her talent. Like the movie, she is also many things and shows the complexity of a relatively simple character type (as "D.S." put it - "an American frump"). Yes, she was very frumpy, but with a twist...she had real balls throughout the film and from the time her husband gives her the bad news she begins to show herself that she really didn't need him for validation; her strength shows with her first impulsive decision to go to England and then the fun begins. My favorite scenes are when the Fox sisters realize that they are sharing tea with a fan and, of course, Victor Fox's televised funeral. The end scene, while meandering and very maudlin, touched me and seemed the perfect end to an unexpected adventure. My favorite character was the daughter-in-law, Maudey. What a woman! I'll never see little people the same way again...she was very Chicago.
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More than a concert film - a testament to the power of an artist
8 November 2004
From the opening with the title song, you can feel the energy created by the cast of musicians, the star and the audience. This energy builds and flows from one exciting song to the next; even the slow ballads are so full of power that it is hard to sit still; this film is a testament to the power of Prince... it is the definitive demonstration of his awesome talent; the live versions of these songs, including a "Little Red Corvette" sing along, make the studio album sound sterile and that is something damned-near impossible to do to Prince (And only Prince could do it!) If you want to see him at his peak, this is it!! There is dancing, singing and music, music, music. The band includes some members of the Revolution and some future NPG members, but the real stand-outs are Cat, Sheila E. and Bonnie Boyer. If you have only heard the studio album, check this film good it'll make you slap yo' mama!!
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