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Batman Returns - It Could Have Been Better
7 December 2004
'Batman Returns', the sequel to 'Batman' (1989), was interesting to watch but a lot of negative points come to mind after you see the movie. There were some creative ideas and dialogue in the movie, but the scriptwriters or directors didn't take the initiative to expand on those ideas before going onto something else less interesting. Though Danny DeVito might have done a good job for the 'person' he was supposed to portray, the actual character is hideously uninteresting in this picture and makes you want to turn off the television in a couple of parts. Also, his sidekicks are little more than completely unentertaining as well, which does not help make the villainous plot of the film any more exciting. That being said, Michelle Pfeiffer is terrific as Catwoman, the seductive assistant of Max Shrek (Christopher Walken, with a less than okay performance) who lures in Bruce Wayne with her unique charm. Ironically, there were few too appearances by its star (Michael Keaton, as the unbeatable Batman), and the film comes across as a possibly rushed production sequel and is too mean-spirited for its own good. Rating: Between 2 1/2 & 3 out of 5 Stars.
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A Satisfying Teen Comedy
6 December 2004
'10 Things I Hate About You', which relies heavily on Shakespeare's 'The Taming of the Shrew', is a very satisfying teen comedy with fresh dialogue and a modern unique charm. This motion picture casts Julia Stiles as the moody, head-strong Stradford sister Katerina whose younger sister's, Bianca's 'fate' lies in her hands - too bad for the younger sister. Single father Mr. Stradford made a rule that Bianca isn't allowed dating until she graduates (this rule is for Katerina also, but doesn't effect her much as you will see in the movie). Dad eventually gets a new inspiration however - Bianca's not allowed to date until Kat does. Dad, knowing that Kat will refuse to do this until snowmen can dance, thinks that he will have a longer time to not worry about his daughters. However, since Bianca is eye candy to many of the boys at school, a particular student (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) decides to finally get a date for Kat, knowing that he can date Bianca thuswise. 'Dangerous' and risk-taking senior (Heath Ledger) is then asked to date Kat, with generous compensation in advance. Though the plot may seem thin, which it is in some respects, this entertaining teen comedy manages to move along with near ease. The characters are likable, in spite of their shallowness, and the movie itself manages to keep the audience entertained. A must-see! Rating: 3 1/2 out of Five Stars.
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Sabrina (1995)
Sabrina - A Wonderful Retelling of a Romantic Comedy
6 December 2004
Julia Ormond is sensational as the young Sabrina Fairchild, daughter of the chauffeur (John Wood) of a wealthy family. Sabrina has been in love with playboy brother (of wealthy family) David (Greg Kinnear) all her life, and is dismayed when her father sends her off to Paris to get a new view of the world. However, years later, when she returns as an older woman, David then realizes how 'right' she is for him, even if he's finally setting a date with one of his two-week lovers. Behind this interaction, older brother and businessman Linus (Harrison Ford), whose pleased about David's engagement, seeing that he's marrying the daughter of wealthy business competitor Mr. Tyson, knows that Sabrina just might end the marriage and the merger. To make things work out, Linus pretends to start being interested in her. This is a delightful tale about love with beautiful music and visual shots that will make you very pleased. The movie is unique enough to be considered a film of individuality, not another version of the same film. Both Sabrina (1954) and Sabrina (1995) are well done, just different. Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 Stars.
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Ocean's Eleven - A Comedy With Class
5 December 2004
Some of Hollywood's biggest stars came together to help form a motion picture that is both fun and delightful. George Clooney stars as Danny Ocean, a man who just got out of prison from being caught stealing a large sum of money. But, nevertheless, Ocean wasn't ready to stop there, because he had something bigger in his mind than ever before... to rob 3 of the most largest casinos in Las Vegas, all at the same time. Once Ocean was set free, he then gets the world's most cunning, deceivous and rather clever 'men on a mission' to join together and help him get the job done. Ocean was planning on stealing all of the 150 million dollars stored in the casino stocks, with 11 people to share the reward with. The movie is filled with excitement through interesting dilemmas and hilarious character personalities and interactions. Brad Pitt is great as a man with class and who knows how to do things right, while Matt Damon is terrific as a mysterious robber with a subtle charm that makes him likable. The lovely Julia Roberts plays Tes, Ocean's ex-wife, and complications arise when she starts dating the casino owner (Andy Garcia). Since Ocean still wanted Tes back, it became obvious to the team that Ocean had more on his mind than they first thought. Will Ocean get all the cards he needs to win the game? A great, coming-of-age motion picture that's filled with laughs, great performances from all the actors, and a fresh screenplay that make this film well worth watching. Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 Stars.
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MI-2 - A satisfying action movie.
29 November 2004
Four years after the blockbuster hit 'Mission: Impossible' arrived into theaters, the sequel 'Mission: Impossible 2' came out. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is back on another mission to take back a stolen profitable virus, Chimera, which was in the hands of a dangerous and wealthy villain Sean. The story moves along when Hunt selects two technological specializers to get the job done. A mysterious thief (Thandie Newton), whom recently had a relationship with Sean, was also asked to get the 'inside scoop' on the outcomed plans of the virus. Though this motion picture lacks the ingenious storyline of the previous film (Mission: Impossible), some would say this movie makes up for this deficiency with the high-speed chases, weapon fire and hand-to-hand combat excellence. Moreover, there are additional entertaining dramatic scenes that make the movie more balanced, and some comedic lines to give you chuckles. A satisfying action movie, with a bit of drama, but no more. Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 Stars.
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A masterpiece from start to finish.
25 November 2004
The high-action, mind-boggling, plot-twisting drama helped make 'Mission: Impossible' an unforgettable motion picture. Tom Cruise goes on a wild ride as Ethan Hunt, whose being hunted by the CIA after being framed for killing the rest of his secret-agent team. Since he didn't commit the crime, Hunt has to stay one step ahead of his followers 24-7 while he keeps in mind that trusting anyone is irrelevant when it comes to finding out the mole. This movie will keep you guessing until the very end, where everyone discovers an astonishing truth that would change their lives forever. Impressive acting, terrific direction, and great visual/sound effects contributed to the making of this top-notch blockbuster hit. Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars.
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Batman & Robin - Could it have been better?
22 November 2004
Batman and Robin, the fourth and final entry in the Batman series, was interesting to watch but it was not nearly as well as done as the previous film, Batman Forever. (To read my thoughts on the other Batman films, look up my reviews for them) Though Chris O'Donnell still portrayed a good Robin, and Uma Thurman (Poison Ivy) did a good job in her role, nearly stealing the movie because of it, George Clooney, even if he didn't do a terrible job, was still George Clooney and I don't think he should have been casted. The rest of the acting wasn't too bad, but it was partly because of the screen writing that resulted in me being disappointed - they didn't give the actors much to work with (except Thurman) and, as a result of that, it wasn't as well done. The dramatic scene between Bruce Wayne and Alfred was touching, but it wasn't an appropriate circumstance to end the movie with. Since things started to get a little repititious, the motion picture, as a result, ended in a flat note. Even so, it's still passable. Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars.
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One of the Best Movies I've Seen!
18 November 2004
Some people tend to 'grow out' of these sorts of movies, but I definitely don't belong in that category. I think Batman Forever is the best movie out of the Batman Series, and I think it could have definitely competed for the Best Picture of 1995. The movie is filled with delightful and witty screen writing, tremendous acting talent, superb direction, and great make-up/character appearance artists. I found the movie writing to be so impressive because the way they linked story lines from the character's previous life style to the one as we see it now was so creatively done. The dialogue between Batman and Dr. Chase Meridian was funny and terrific. Additional dramatic scenes took place in the movie to make it very well balanced. As for the talent, I don't think they could have had better actors to portray these characters. It was top-notch! Batman/Bruce Wayne was played truly wonderful by Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey as the Riddler gave one of his finest performances, and Tommy Lee Jones brings some very surprising comic flair to his role, which I've never seen him do before. As well as this, Nicole Kidman had a shockingly beautful appearance in her psychiatrist role, with perfect comic timing and a delightful screen addition. Chris O'Donnell gives an in-depth performance as Robin, who also definitely has an attractive appearance in this picture. The directing was great. The fight scenes were well choreographed, and the impressive 'movements', or acting gestures in which the characters gave had to be thanked by the creatively done directing. A must-see! Four 1/2 out of Five Stars
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Mad Love (1995)
Mad Love - An Interesting Drama/Romance
16 November 2004
Chris O'Donnell heats up the screen and Drew Barrymore is at her sensual best in this motion picture about two teens who take an adventure together against parental wishes. I admit the first time I saw this movie last summer I didn't like it at all. But when I gave it a second try, I actually found it was really good. Because the movie isn't packed with laughs or memorable quotes, I had missed a lot of what made the movie such a good one in it's subtle, yet charming way (the first time I saw it). When I watched it a second time, however, I payed a lot more attention to the movie itself and saw that it did have delight, great acting talent and other positive notes. As well as this, the directing was fine and there were some really good shots through the characters' road trip in the movie. This is one interesting picture. A must-see! Rating: Three out of Five stars.
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