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G.B.F. (2013)
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Darren Stein's epic comedy of high-school peer pressure madness, 1 May 2013

G.B.F. is a great comedy, a tender best-friends love story and a wild and wacky take on high school popularity, peer pressure and what it takes to "find yourself" in today's media saturated world for teenage gay boys and their female friends. Did I mention its also hilarious? Because it is. Seasoned director Darren Stein (Jawbreaker) enthusiastically serves up candy colored images, laugh a minute chatter and a whole lot of heart with this dizzying satire of three-dimensional high school characters who are so hyper-aware of the cultural stereotypes they embody, that they turn your expectations continually on their ear. The top flight cast includes Natatsha Lyonne, Megan Mullahy, Xosha Roquemore, Jonathan Silverman, Rebecca Gayheart and Michael J. Willett as Tanner, a newly out of the closet gay guy who "Doesn't act like the gays on Bravo," according to the school's three most popular girls, who quickly give him a stylish queer makeover to make Tanner their idea of a proper new "Gay Best Friend." All this leads up to the prom in the classic teen comedy tradition, and its all silly and fun, but the heart and soul of B.B.F belongs to Paul Iacono, who plays Tanner's flamboyant best friend Brent who happens to be gay and more "femme." Iacono's crack comic timing still allows for emotional depth of his character's soul to come forward. In a delightful movie full of cake and ice cream, Iacono's serves you the deep main dish. Don't miss this one.

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A mortal dude falls in love with a vampire elite., 27 March 2013

Sexy and thrilling! Tired of Twilight histrionics? Sick of slasher remakes? Yearn for classic dreamy elegance and melancholy of The Hunger or Nosferatu? Then dip into dreamy dripping seas in the land of this film. The last time I saw a film this personal yet gorgeous was when I went on a Jean Rollin kick earlier this year. Xan Cassavetes goes right to the European masters for inspiration. She balances spooky house atmospherics with creative humor, and a downright "queer" sexuality as it relates to traditional vampire lore. Bottom line - this is a really unique and special film. I totally encourage you to let go and experience the bliss of one. Become undone as you merge with the infinite beat.