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Cap Crap! A real disappointment, 30 August 2014

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In the comics, the superhero is a man or woman of mystery....the costume, the mask, secret identity...not in this film! Hey, Cap jumps around with no mask, a pair of chinos and Harrington like jacket.....the kind of clothes you would wear going shopping....but not whilst fighting major baddies with Alice Cooper type hairdos and "school's out" attitude. Okay, Okay, i know the story gets updated, hey, i read Brubaker, but this film, in my opinion, like the last Iron Man film,is an example of Marvel's arrogance in thinking they can approve crap movies. Conclusion? Overlong and very boring....Robert Redford is like a "cardboard gangster", unconvincing. The "diehard Cap fans" may say this is great, but deep down,may think different. Disappointing

April Rain (2014)
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When, will i, will i make a good movie?, 30 August 2014

Okay, let's get this straight....i love bad movies, hey, i seen loads..Frankenstein meets the space monster, Robot Monster, deadly spawn,Plan 9.....i could go on and on...but this movie? It's a different kind of "bad" in total excrement! The acting is so bad, the scooters, the chase scenes, Luke Goss,this is a new kind of low.....boredom guaranteed The bad boss guy looks like Max Wall, enough said! Someone mentioned Ed Wood in another review of this film, hey Ed Wood was a genius and would never have wasted time on this. I cannot understand how this even made it onto DVD!! The accents slip and slide all over the place. In these dangerous times that we live in, this film is a mockery of true life, it's an embarrassment to the art of's AWFUL!

Avoid at all costs!

All time Classic!, 4 October 2013

Another classic from the 50's,a time when imagination was used, unlike so many of today's productions. This is quite simply a popcorn classic,a movie that will keep your attention for many different reasons. The plot is very straightforward, the highlight of course being the "monster", which has to be seen to be believed!

The film can never be called boring as it rips along, all 71 minutes of it, at a fair old pace. Regarding the actors,Tod Andrews and Tina Carver as the good doctors are fine, but it's Linda Watkins as Mrs Mae Kilgore that steals the show for me. No matter what people say about this movie, it will always be remembered in some form, hated or loved. Me? I love it!

Manborg (2011)
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Manborg kicks Terminator's ass!, 7 April 2013

Once upon a time, films with heavy red titles, bad electronic music, and zany special effects were all the rage. These would appear on VHS Video in the early 80's,they were totally entertaining, usually made on a shoestring budget,usually badly dubbed and had bad one liners galore. Back to the present day,we have big budgets, we have the technology, but do we still have the imagination? Manborg certainly does! This is a wild,wacky, weird,zany trip back to these days where the only thing that mattered was killing as many pizza faced baddies as you could whilst spouting bad one liners! It's not big budget, but hey, it doesn't have to be, it's non stop mayhem with many laugh out loud moments! Matthew Kennedy is brilliant as Manborg ( "i am Manborg"),Adam Brooks as the ace baddie Count Draculon,for me steals the show..closely followed by "number one man"(Ludwig Lee complete with classic bad dubbing!) This is either "hate it" or "love it" territory...i loved it!!

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A Mod Classic, 6 April 2013

I first seen this film as part of a double header backed with "The Kids are alright" by the Who....what a combination eh?! I immediately became a mod and indulged in many a Vespa, Lambretta and a fantastic way of life as a teenager. The story is very's about a Mod called Jimmy and takes us on his journey through everyday life in the mid 60's. There are many highs and many lows, the acting from a then virtual "bunch of unknowns" is fantastic, many went on to become well known faces on TV and film. The only down point of the film for me? I have to say, in one word, Sting. In my opinion he is seriously out of place as "Ace Face"...i was never keen on his acting (or singing!) but i feel he is the weak link here. Phil Daniels is fantastic as Jimmy, the story rips along at a fine pace, the scenery, the music, the wonder all these years later i still watch this film...and still own a Lambretta scooter. Quadrophenia is quite simply top class entertainment

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Well worth watching !!, 6 April 2013

This is a film that many people seem to be putting down in a big way.....personally i really don't know why!! From start to finish it keeps you thinking, it twists and turns, the story constantly adding intrigue and wonder. Yes, okay, there are Christian overtones, but why is that deemed as bad?? Are we saying that films with Christian overtones are bad? The acting is fine,Ray Wise puts in his usual fine performance....on the other side of the fence from his previous role in "Reaper"! I initially found myself comparing this to Stephen King's "The Stand", i don't know why as it's quite different and deserves it's own space Like any movie, like any story, we all have our opinions, and we are all entitled to make up our own minds. I say to everyone, do just that....make up your own mind. Apparently there's going to be a part 2....i'm looking forward to it