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Oscar worthy?, 30 November 2013

I'm SURE this will be nominated for several Oscars. It's that good. Best actor/actress, best supporting and/or best picture are headed it's way. The scenery and colors are stunning. The acting is incredibly believable and draws you in. Your emotions will run high and low, and to me, that's what I'm looking for in a movie. The theme and timing of the movie reminds us that as humans, truly, we had/have a lot to learn. I think we are looking at two,(Sophie Nélisse/Nico Liersch) young actors that we will continue to hear from.

Any "Best Picture" fans will want to catch this now. Go see this before the word really gets out. I think you'll be glad you did.

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Worth Watch & Streaming On Netflix, 23 February 2012

I'm a civilian and love my men and women that have served, and continue to serve, our great country.

To me, for better or worse, this documentary just tries to be honest. The images and facts of war can be difficult to watch, but sometimes what war can do to an individual, can be equally tough to witness.

Although this documentary is focused on one individual, I feel that it might be applicable to a great number of our armed forces, that return home wounded. This particular hero is back home trying to recover from a pretty serious injury and all he can think about is getting back out there.

What's most humbling to me, is that you get to see how much effort, time, love and passion that it takes to mentally and physically try to recover from war. Those closest to the wounded, ultimately share in their soldier's sacrifice.

Ultimately, I feel that when I say "thank you for your service", it clearly isn't enough. Feel free to acknowledge the care givers as well, it looks awfully hard on them too.

Thanks to our great men and women of our armed forces!!!

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For Better or Worse, You Have To See This, 2 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

No Spoilers.

This documentary is truly a labor of love. This death prompts a close friend to try and document (to his friends unborn son) who his father was and why so many people loved him. You really get to know this victim and are sad that this happened. This death is not an ordinary situation and we encounter many twists and turns along the way. Even though it's a documentary, you really aren't sure what is going to happen next. The drama is thick and the reality of death, keeps punching you in the gut. I can't reiterate enough how well this story (for better or worse) will resonate with you. I hope you will take the time and watch this documentary, it's well worth the time invested.

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Short, To the Point Review, 2 July 2011

This documentary is very in depth but it's focus on still photography/animation left me wanting more. The story of Bill's life is definitely covered very thoroughly but I almost felt like this could have been an audio book. I enjoyed it but would have liked to (visually) see more interviews, Bill's comic sets and video of real life people that would get you to know Bill.

I just felt it could have been done better but you do get to know "the guy". IMDb requires ten lines of text for a review so I will have to fluff this review with garbage in order to have this review be approved. Are we there yet?

Bloodworth (2010)
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Slow Down, Relax & Enjoy (Has Flaws But Worth Watching), 1 July 2011

I love Val and Kris. And recently, Dwight has shown his acting chops so I had to see this. This is a slow moving story with mostly great acting so it was able to maintain my interest. The Brady Bloodworth character (W. Earl Brown) is over-acted in my opinion but the rest of the characters can hold your interest. You want to see what ultimately happens so you keep watching.

Watch this if you are willing to give it time but don't watch if you need car chases, or something to blow up. Mostly great cast and a few classic lines from some Hollywood legends. Beautiful scenery is just a bonus to this film. Bright, vibrant scenery adds to the overall experience of this down home Americana type film.

For better or worse, this story is very believable on many levels. Relax, turn off the phone and enjoy.

"I'm Warren, your son. When I was a boy you said you'd take me fishin, you never did. C'mon."

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Relish This Effort, 8 October 2008

This title is probably more suited to males that have brothers but definitely is not exclusive to this group.

Our main, wealthy brother has had a life changing experience and is now looking to bring his family back together. What's left of his family comprises his two brothers and his mom. He (Owen) will spare no expense or detail to make sure that the end result of this journey will bring his family closer. There are PLENTY of adventures along the way that make this task more daunting than it should have been. By most accounts, these feelings (that the brothers share) could of been aired out during a Thanksgiving dinner but clearly, our group needs more time and energy to be heard. Their adventures make sense and it shows how dis-functional blood relations can be.

Great writing, along with a spectacular cast make this character driven masterpiece worth investing time in.

Expect some laughs, maybe a tear but also, make the time to follow a great story line. This is not a typical Hollywood format. But then again, that might be why I loved it so much.

Next (2007)
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Cool Premise But Falls Flat, 8 February 2008

The beginning of this movie holds so many possibilities and you can't help but wonder where they will take you. Unfortunately they take you down a path of bad acting, poor storyline and laughable dialogue. This really could have been so much more but the blame can be spread throughout.

Do they really watch the final effort and say "yes" this is what we wanted? I think not. It's probably more about a budget and more about getting product to market. This flick falls flat on soooo many levels that pinpointing fault wouldn't be fair.

I went into this looking for an action/adventure that could hold my attention and I promised myself I wouldn't expect too much. I either lied to myself or this was overly bad. I think it was the latter. The bottom line is they had a cool idea but failed to execute.

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It's not about the title, 8 February 2008

If you are a movie buff and enjoy a variety of films, you almost certainly will love this effort. I was pleasantly surprised by the acting ability of this cast and the fact that the storyline held my interest. You don't have to be curious about England or the Falkland War to appreciate this flick.

Shane Meadows (writer/director) draws on personal experience to bring this film to life. A young Thomas Turgoose does an incredible job of playing Shaun and making the viewer care and worry about his every move. Stephen Graham (Combo) can almost get you to sign up for the cause when he pleads his case. But, some take the (cause) too far and lose sight of real friendship.

Great acting combines with a (perceived) good vs. evil and a non "Hollywood" chain of events. You won't have to think real hard to enjoy this but it will be a while before you can forget it. Hats off to a great all around effort.

Several chuckles and some feel good times, combine with heart wrenching events that hold the viewers interest through the entire movie.

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Not Warm and Fuzzy but it IS Great ~ Don't Miss This, 1 February 2008

I didn't know what to expect with this one. I was pleasantly surprised as well as shocked. Adam Sandler met and surpassed any expectations I would have ever had with a dramatic role.

This film will take you through an emotional roller coaster and because of it's execution, you won't even mind. The story itself is too painful to imagine but the range of emotions are very understandable. You can't help but feel something for both of the leads but the story is clearly focused on Sandler. Adam delivers a more than capable performance in a VERY demanding role.

Whatever you were/are expecting from this film, expect more. Set aside two hours and prepare to involve yourself. I was actually disappointed when it ended because I wanted more story. How often can you say that?

Gripping, powerful and very entertaining, 19 January 2008

Thanks to IMDb and some cross referencing, these type of movies reveal themselves. This is not some cookie cutter plot with the typical results. This is a dark, revenge based story that hits all of it's marks.

You have to get past the initial drug induced stupor to see what this film is all about. Our lead character (Val) is very focused on the task at hand and will stop at nothing until his goals are achieved. In order to right a wrong, he is more than willing to "play" anyone and everyone involved. There is something to prove here and our lead will stop at nothing and sacrifice everything, to ease his conscience. What happens along the way is a very enjoyable, tense, powerful and entertaining 1 hour and 43 minutes.

Besides Val, Vincent D'Onofrio and Peter Sarsgaard turn in great performances. You can't help but want to see more of their work.

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