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A list of some of my all-time favorite films, more or less in order (from favorites to least favorites). Mind you, I still have a lot of movies on my watch list...

Some honorable mentions - Doubt, The Lion King, Back to the Future, The Road, The Dark Knight, The Terminal, Gangs of New York, Shutter Island.

Updated on October 2011 - Added some films I recently watched and slightly changed the order. Also, wrote comment for There Will Be Blood. I might do the same for the rest later on.

Updated on November 2011 - Added some recently watched films and wrote comments for various other entries. I plan to gradually add comments for all 30.
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A list of my bottom 30 films, more or less in order. Keep in mind that I generally try to avoid genuinely bad films, so a few of these are at least watchable.

Some "honorable" mentions: Hancock, Catwoman, Transformers, The Hangover Part II.

Updated on October 2011 - Added comments and some recently-rated films, slightly changed the order.
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The films I would've chosen for Best Picture of the Year, 2001 through 2010. This is obviously just my opinion, but in any case I highly recommend all of these films.