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It can't get better than this
3 December 2016
Simply the best sitcom ever.

I am naturalized American who grow up in Europe (Yugoslavia) in 80's and 90's. Watching OFAH was one of the things that marked our youth. Delboy, Trigger, Rodney, Grandad, Albert and Boycee are part of our folklore as much as they are in England.

I cant think of better show when it comes to comedy than this one, I like Fawlthy towers , Couples and Peep Show but OFAH are something that happens every 100 years

Together with Sherlock Homes with Jeremy Brett and Inspector Morse with John Thaw these are the staples of British and European TV and as such they should be regarded as one of the greatest achievements of TV in modern history.
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This movie started all
18 November 2004
This is probably first romantic comedy and this movie create basis for similar movies that will follow.It is really amazing that after 70 years this is movie is still fresh and more interesting then the most new romantic comedies. This only prove that Frank Capra was one great director with great sense for heartwarming stories and that quality is hard to find in any of the newer directors. And in the end I can say that i really enjoy Capra's movies and for me he is the greatest director of old school. Beside this movie my recommendations for any viewer of this comment are this Capra movies: It's wonderful life, Mr. Deeds Goes to town, Mr.Smith goes to Washington
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Breathless (1960)
one of the best movies
9 November 2004
Message for all people that don't like this movie. You should better stay away from great European movies like this and watch your garbage Hollywood movies where only thing that is really important is how much money it's gonna earn. USA is probably only country where they show movies before distribution in cinema to some test groups of people, so if they don't like something (like unhappy ending) they could change it in order to earn more money. Forget art money is what is important. Somebody in the post called this movie French Garbage, no this is not garbage, on the other side man who could tell this is man without taste and he should avoid real movies like this and watch good American movies like independence day day and similar other similar trash.
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Far Away The Best Movie Ever
9 November 2004
This is one true masterpiece, I can't remember any other movie (and I have seen a lot of movies) that is so powerful like this one. This movie has everything great ambient, scenes larger then life, hypnotic Morricone music and what is most important great acting. In this move Sergio Leone proved that he is one of the most unique directors in movie history. If you saw this movie you know that almost every scene is great piece of art in almost every scene you are amazed by visual style of Leone. In all other great movies (like: Godfather, Casablanca, Citizen Cane, Notorious,Big Sleep, The Third Man, etc.), you won't find these many great scenes like in this one. This is an ultimate Western and i want to say: Thank you Sergio Leone for your great vision and this masterpiece, after this one there is no need for any other western, in compare to this one John Fords westerns are movies for kids and women.
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