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I have to say, I wasn’t sure how 2011 would end up. In the beginning of the year with the promise of the final Harry Potter film an X-Men remake and a new Muppets movie, my pessimism was in full swing. But this year has turned out to be a great year for film, even if there was nothing life changing, 2011 was still a great year to celebrate the past, end a franchise, make us laugh, and fall in love. Another year to prove it’s still a great time to go to the movies.
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5 students from different cliques must sacrifice a saturday to detention.
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2010 was a really great year for movies! Every year there is always a group of decent movies that I tend to call my favorite, but the difference in 2010 would have to be the diversity of films that have landed themselves on the lists of so many critics this year. From animated films, to documentaries and independent films to of course the big Hollywood pictures, everyone seemed to be on the right track this year.
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