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The young and the restless, 5 May 2005

I have watched the young and the restless for ever. Lately I am so disappointed in some of the things I see and hear. One thing that drives me insane is Dru saying some comment about "women of color".. what does that mean? I am white, does she mean I have no color? Let me be clear hear...EVERY woman has COLOR..her women of color comments are ignorant. I am also tired of looking at Nikki's breasts. The women on this show are not strong, independent women..they are all whiners. And Ashley.ha! Got to love the way she is protecting her father, John, after all, he is old and is certainly not capable of making ANY decision all by himself. The show has taken a turn for the worse.. everyone claims "family" is the most important element in their lives, yet, they all do everything they can to undermine the "family." The writers really need to step up to the plate and write better story lines, many great actors/actresses on this show who need better material to work with. I love this show, sadly the story line is going down hill. Ashley, Dru and Olivia could leave the show and would not be missed. The "doctor" is very unprofessional, a busy body and a gossip. Ahley, Olivia and Dru are useless characters, non essential. All in all I am very disappointed in this show...loyalty only goes so far..mine has gone just about as far as it can go.

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Best TV Series, 2 November 2004

I watch this show every chance I get. Acting is superb by all. I have no complaints with any aspect of this show. Opening music is sensual and delicious, and sets the stage for some good old southern intrigue, mystery and once in awhile romance.

Most pleasant is the way they throw you off the track, always keep you guessing as to ..who done it.. There is some racial tension-- although not to offensive.. It is usually resolved in a satisfactory manner..... A gentle reminder to us all to be fair and open-minded. No nudity or profanity, a nice change from todays stuff. A must watch....