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Fuller House, 26 February 2016

The entire universe is excited for Fuller House. It is phenomenal to see the entire gang return, but it would've been a honor to see Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen return. We all miss Michelle. The original Full House series brought so much happy memories and laughs. Fuller House brings true joy from that glad it's back. The entire cast looks stunning and they came along way over the years. Everyone does a fantastic job towards every role. The new child stars especially Michael Campion, Elias Harger, and the beautiful Soni Bringas are so amazing and talented. It's awesome to see new young youths a part of the show. Full House fans are in for a ride and will be watching this one forever. We're are thankful to be a part of this creation and believe it is a hit. Much love and a shout-out to Jeff Franklin, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber, Bob Saget, John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Lori Loughlin, and the directors. We pray that Fuller House continues on for decades with more and more outstanding seasons. We vote this one: #FullerHouse beyond extraordinary, a childhood classic! family comedy! that everyone can connect to. THANKS BIG TIME!

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Henry Danger, 7 September 2014

Finally a new show that everyone would love and enjoy especially the youth audience. Henry Danger is completely awesome. This one has potential, but overall a great cast and characters. Full of comedy of course. Jace Norman has done a amazing job portraying "Henry".

There is no problem with the show. We love that intelligent shows like this is being made because families can sit back and enjoy it will laughs and smiles. Jace Norman plays 13-year-old Henry who lands a part-time job as Danger Boy most of all a true hero boy.

This one is a must watch. Jace Norman and the entire cast brought something cool. This one should continue on.

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Young Marvels, 23 July 2014

A unbelievable new TV series from Ovation. Ovation's new series, "Young Marvels," looks at the incredible children who are making landmark achievements in all areas of the arts. The series features several remarkable prodigies, exploring their intense world of juggling practices or studio time with the day-to-day stresses of just being a kid. Through each of their stories, we discover what it's like to grow up with immense artistic gifts and the hardships and sacrifices that accompany such great powers. Young Marvels not only reveals the talents and gifts from young children from sorts of backgrounds but also reveals them making their mark in reaching their goals and dreams before they hit adulthood.

We all have seen many talented child stars all over the world who had made it to the top. Actors, singers, dancers, etc. The Young Marvels children are beyond amazingly great and will go for what they want to achieve no matter the struggles.

If you adore young talented youth. You'll love these children. They are #YoungMarvels

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The Little Rascals Save The Day, 26 May 2014

A great family/kids movie masterpiece, it's pretty good to see The Little Rascals back in action. Really enjoyed the original 1994 film "The Little Rascals" that was a comedy classic. The new one has brought it back to life and we were looking forward to it. Outstanding plot, the children's cast Drew Justice, Eden Wood, Jet Jurgensmeyer, Connor Berry, Jenna Ortega, Rio Mangini, and the rest of the children's cast were incredible. The young actors brought the characters to light especially Drew Justice as the great Alfalfa. Overall most definitely recommend "The Little Rascals Save The Day" if audiences loved the original they'll love the new installment.

Director: Alex Zamm Writer: William Robertson

Big Thanks!

This one is a must watch for all families. This one deserves a Excellent rating and review. Given this one a thumbs up! great cast and crew. Good job!

Sinner (2009/I)
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Sinner, 2 May 2014

A brilliant short film created by Meni Philip. Sinner reveals something of an overall breakthrough of a young boy Confused by the awakening of his sexuality. When he confides his Rabbi. He abuses him. The film awakens us about boys like Yotam who struggles with their sexuality at that tender age and when they can't deal with it on their and can't find a way to tell their parents they instead put themselves in a place where they can't hold in anymore. So they go to someone who they trust at school, in church, etc. sometimes they person do take advantage of the child and the child becomes scarred for life and the child is trapped and won't tell the truth like Yotam. Yotam was too afraid to tell, but most children do tell what happened. This film really touches me because boy like Yotam wants to be accepted and look up to someone that they trust to help them find themselves in a spiritual and loving way. Rabbi shouldn't had of done what he done to Yotam. He took Yotam's everything.

This short film will move you, I don't want to discuss this any further, but just watch the short film and understand the background. Child abuse like this does need to end. Yotam felt that he was sinner for the sexual urges that he was going through, but we all felt that at that age, but he just was a kid struggling. He was the victim. The Rabbi was the Sinner and abuser. Remember things like this happens everyday to children especially boys like Yotam at schools like that, in countries, and so on and on etc. it's sad and frightening. This short film tells it all.

Awesome movie. Watch it and you will be touched by the story and art itself. The end really was sad and it will remain in my mind. Watch it, rate it, review it. Great piece! and great performance by Lior Shabtai. Great cast and crew. Lior Shabtai should do more films. A great boy actor.

Purchase and watch "Sinner". A must!

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Heaven Is For Real, 18 April 2014

Thought this film was inspirational, a outstanding performance by the cast including Connor Corum. The story-line was presented great. This one is a must see especially during the holiday season. Would recommend this film everyone especially family, friends, etc. I recently purchased the novel of this story, it really moved me and uplifted me reading Colton Burpo's life story and seeing videos of this interviews. Colton is beyond a bright boy and hearing his story will beyond inspire lives. This film and the novel is important. Hope to see more family films like this created. Watch this film and purchase the novel it will inspire you and change your life forever. I still haven't put the book down. "Heaven Is For Real".

Thanks for created this film and am also thankful for the novel. Colton you're truly a big inspiration. Connor Corum great work for starring as Colton Burpo you were amazing. To the entire cast and crew simply phenomenal work on bringing this film to life. We will continue to cherish it.

The Boy and the Bard, 20 October 2013

The Boy and the Bard is simply a amazing short film creation. A short film that you most definitely can't stop watching even though it's 3 min you can watch it again and again. The short film tells a story of a boy and his imaginary friend. This one is a must watch even if you're a fan of Halloween Movies, Halloween Short Films etc. if you're in a mood for something good to watch for short period of time. Click play on The Boy and the Bard you will be amazed. A great performance by Trevor Standish he was incredible. Also a great performance and great work by Dave Campbell, Will Morris, and the entire crew.

Even though this film was short film. The audience loved it. It would be cool to see a full-length horror film of it. Starring Trevor Standish in the lead and the same cast and more characters of course. This was a great short film and it be great to see more. The Boy and the Bard was indeed AWESOME! great work!

Carrie (2013)
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Carrie, 19 October 2013

Carrie is back and it's great to see her back into the Carrie horror series. This was a phenomenal and thrilling remake. Well done!

After seeing the original 1976 classic Carrie starring Sissy Spacek. Including the other Carrie films. I felt that there should be a remake coming soon and well it's great to see it has happen. Sissy Spacek shined and putted on a well-thrilled performance in the classic, but it's great to see Chloë Grace Moretz portray Carrie in this 2013 remake. Chloë Grace Moretz putted on a heck of a good performance in this one and she was truly a new and approved Carrie. I've seen some Chloë Grace Moretz's films but this one is beyond her #1 best performance ever.

The Carrie series is thrilling if you seen the classics go see this remake. You will not be let down. Chloë Grace Moretz will blow your mind because she is amazing.

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Hawthorne, 18 October 2013

Hawthorne was a phenomenal TV-Series that brought a lot of drama, romance, sad moments, emotional moments overall etc. Despite audiences who didn't love it. Hawthorne still stands as a outstanding show because there's lots audiences who did love it. Jada Pinkett-Smith was a true hero in this one to her patients. She putted on a great performance and she brought her best and another side of her that we never seen before. The cast was electrifying. It sucks that they ended the show after the finale. Hawthorne should have continued because this was a great show they brought a great impact and it was great to have Marc Anthony a part of the team. I agree with most of the reviews Jada putted on a great character and the entire cast and guest stars were unbelievable great. The show should make a comeback and we wouldn't miss for the world. A great hospital drama creation.

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Curse of Chucky, 24 September 2013

An amazing comeback into the Chucky Series. Curse of Chucky is beyond a great sequel and all audiences shouldn't be disappoint-ant. Child's Play, Child's Play 2, and Child's Play 3 were classic hit films. This one here would bring twists, gore, and such great of a good scare. This would make you jump out of your seat and in some way bring laughs because Chucky always brought laughs in the classic films sometimes. We always was searching and hoping for a comeback after the third Child's Play and it's awesome that they brought it back. We're thirsting for more Child's Play films. Chucky is back and it's cool to see him back. A must see sequel! very warm welcome to Chucky, he's bigger, badder, better than ever!

PS: A great all-star cast and good to see Brad Dourif and Alex Vincent return. Looking forward for more to come around. Great work!

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